The Gallery — Boys

Stands to reason doesnt it that as last week the theme for the Gallery was girls, that this week it would be boys. So I have picked a pic of boys that I just love. Well actually two pics. I can’t choose

Both of these were taken in the nursery at the Virtuous Women’s Bakery in Ghana.

The first is of two cheeky chaps who’s faces just lit up when they saw the carrier bag of noses.   All of the children were desperate to sport a nose for long enough to have their photos taken.   Well they were desperate to keep them but we didn’t have enough so they had to share the ten Comic Relief had arrived with.  But they loved their moments in the spot light, running around to see themselves in the cameras.

And then there is this one, taken in the same place.   Of boys larking about.    Boys being boys:


One of my over riding memories of this trip will always be how happy the children were.   Despite, by our standards, having relatively little in the way of material things, these boys were all full of life!



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  • I agree with you, they look far happy than the kids who get everything xxx

  • Gorgeous pics – especially the first one. Amazing that these kids are gloriously happy with so very little…makes me feel ashamed at how spoilt my children are.

  • Oh yes, these are proper boys! Great photographs. You must think back on those few days and feel very privileged to have been there.

  • i love how they look like butter wouldnt melt in the top photo and then you see the glints in their eyes in the second one! goes to show how you don’t need all the guff that we have to entertain our kids over here – they still have fun without all that stuff!