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Dutch Daffodils

It was a stunning picture by Annie that prompted Tara to pick colour as the theme for the gallery this week. A field of rapeseed down in Somerset last week, and it really is the most glorious picture:

Annie Rapeseed field

And it reminded me of the one at the top that I took in Holland, possibly even at the same time.  How spooky would that be, so in tune as friends that we even take similar pictures at the same time?

It was the first picture of flowers growing in a field that I took that weekend.   As we drove out of town, following a route a barman had given us in broken English and Dutch that Mr B then translated,  we found ourselves on a road that ran parallel to a small canal and the field of daffodils beyond.

The water in front, the bright bright yellow of the flowers, the blue of the sky and the smattering of fluffy clouds just smacks of colour to me.  It has it all going on and yet also somehow seems to portray a sense of stillness.

Which is odd since it was taken from inside the car, on a road with cyclists coming towards us and cars behind whilst Mr B said “You are going to have to be quick”.

But it is possibly one of my favourite pics from the weekend.

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