The Gallery — Dads

Ah, Dads over on The Gallery this week.   And knowing this was the theme for this week I took a photo specifically for it (I don’t normally do that, I prefer to hunt through the old ones).


That is my dad.  I am the only person who gets to call him dad, you can call him Neil.  If you are the teens you call him Pom Pom (C couldn’t say grandpa when she was little, it came out as Grompom) or Pompadilious.

My dad with one of the other women in his life, Gracie the Aston Martin DB6.  Gracie is his new other woman to go with Beastie who is a red head and a slightly older model (she is 1947, Gracie is 1968).  Of course THE woman in his life is my mum who you saw last week when it was inspirational women.

They have been married for over 40 years, when many said it wouldn’t last.

One of the hardest working people I know (from the age of 13) and the very definition of “Self Made”.

Here’s to you, Dad!


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