The Gallery — Drink

oh lordy.   I wonder if Tara knew we had planned a party on Saturday night when she plucked this theme out of the ether on Friday for The Gallery this week.

Drink.   Drink I did.  I am ashamed to say.    Well it was for Mr B’s birthday and also because Eurovision was on and I was trying to avoid it.   And because we had been sent an amazing blender to review.  A blender so amazing we decided to put Toblerone cheesecake in it and make chocolate Martinis.

By 10pm avoiding Eurovision had gone out of the window and we found ourselves playing Eurovision bingo:  “BARE FEET.  SHE HAS BARE FEET.  FULL HOUSE.  I NOW HAVE A FULL HOUSE“.

This picture is the aftermath.   The sight that greeted me on Sunday morning.   After I woke up having not remembered even going to bed.

Now if you will excuse me that picture is making me feel quite nauseous.


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