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Right, where to start with this one then.   I am known for my physique.  Well actually that is not true.  I am.   But not for my connection to fitness.

To be fair I have started cycling recently, for the first time in 25 odd years.   But you don’t want to see a picture of a bike.  That is boring.

Or the dog who I walk twice a day.   There are plenty of pictures of him on my blog and he is getting a bit too big for his boots and becoming a bit of a diva.

So I thought a bit laterally for this one.   I thought about the excuses that people, myself included, make for not getting fit.   For not going to the gym.   And generally it comes down to expense.   “Can’t afford the monthly membership”

“I can’t spare the time to get to the gym”

But what kind of an excuses ARE that?  Ladies and gentlemen.  I give you, my home gym:


Always on hand.  Never closed

Running up and down those fifteen times a day

Arm curls whilst holding  a tin of beans

Who needs to go to the gym?

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