The Gallery — Food

<stifles the desire to sing in my best Oliver voice>

Instantly I saw this week’s theme was “Food” I knew the pic I wanted to post.

This one:

This is the cheese board at our favourite restaurant in London, Le Beaujolais.   In fact I have eight different varieties of this picture.   I seem to insist on photographing it every time we visit.   I love it.

It is also where the best steak in the world (in my opinion) is served but I can’t photograph that very well on my phone.    This, however, speaks for itself.

Now if you excuse me, I need to go and get some crackers.



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  • Fabulous cheese board. Why bother with the entree, just head for the cheese board, in my opinion 🙂

  • LOL. There’s a place we go to occasionally (muchos posh) with an equally impressive cheese board. The cheese man (I’m sure there’s a French name for his job but buggered if I know what it is) has a lovely accent, and we always end up giggling before he’s finished telling us about the 648 different cheeses. When he gets to the end it’s like “What would you like, madam?” “Uh, sorry, could you tell me what the first one was again?”!!!

  • the real reason there is no pic of the steak? It doesn’t hang around long enough to be photographed…