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TheGallery -- HomeComforts

Another great theme for The Gallery this week:  Home Comforts.   Thoughts of the one thing that that we cannot live without.  Of course I have lots of things I think I cannot live without, but obviously I can as they are all at home.  And well, I am not.  I am thousands of miles away on holiday.   Without them.

Our tea maker.   The waffle maker.  Our big TV with a Sky Box that shows programmes that aren’t trashy American game shows where the contestants all clap themselves even if they are wrong.   Where there aren’t advert breaks every 8 minutes.  Yes.  Eight minutes.   For a load of medical kit and devices for illnesses I have never heard of (though these adverts make me even more grateful for our NHS).   Or home gadgets that the voiceover woman insists I need.  And then screams “but wait.  There’s more” and then tries to entice me with more of the same crap  thing I really need.

The thing that I do really need though, and that is the first thing I work how to take away with me, is my laptop.  I can’t imagine ever going away without it now.  I did try on our first trip to Africa with Comic Relief, claiming I could do everything I needed to on my tablet.  It turned out to be a complete disaster and I vowed never again.

My laptop really does feel like my security blanket.   I can keep up to date with news on it.  I can blog.  I can upload my pics from the memory camera every day.   It has all my cookies and passwords for sites I visit often.   It makes watching Netflix at 3am when I can’t sleep SO much easier.  Yes I could do those things on my phone but the screen is tiny.

I love having my laptop with me on holiday.   It makes me feel that I am connected and that I have the option to do lots of things that in reality I might chose not to but it is having that option that makes me feel somehow safe.   That when the settings on my phone  tells me I can’t access things such as the National Lottery because I am abroad I can fire up Google Chrome and <ahem> use a work around to fool UK websites into thinking I am still there.

Oh and as for the cuppa in that pic…. well that goes without saying, doesn’t it?

In one of our new mugs from our trip to Earthworks earlier this week.

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  • Is it wrong that I’m looking at this photo and going ‘oo oo I have that little wicker pot too . . . ‘?!

  • Ahh wonderful. I hope you are having a great time. What a lovely view and I know what you mean about taking a little home comfort with you x

  • The decision to take only my tablet on a recent holiday was one I will never repeat either. You can’t beat your own laptop, but as for a decent cup of tea… that’s far more elusive when you’re away from home x