The Gallery — Morning


What a great theme this one is.     A photo that shows our morning.     So many I suspect will involve sleeping babies / warm duvets / snoring dogs things that make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

They are not my morning picture though.   I could have photographed two sleeping cats or the Hoover I tripped over but they don’t really photograph very well.    And if I photographed Mr B first thing as he hit “snooze” on the alarm he would have been none too pleased.

So I am going to treat you to the view I see as I stagger to the bathroom and it is one that I love (back to roofs again you see):

Out of the bedroom window into our garden.    It is 6.30am.   The sun is coming up (or my shed is on fire as I often like to joke) and can you see that part of the garden is still in shade.

In fact you can still see some frost on the garage roof where the sun is yet to hit.

It’s a great view and one that I stand and breathe in every morning.  I spend five minutes in front of the window breathing in fresh morning air and looking at the outside world.

It might be the only time during the day that will follow to actually stand still.   And nothing says “Morning” than this view.



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