The Gallery — Noses


Team Honk was blown away by the post that Tara wrote saying that this week’s Gallery post was going to have Noses as theme in support of our trip to Ghana.

So it seemed appropriate that I post this one.   I fell in love with Veronica.  We told her she was a star because we had seen her on the TV during Great British Bake Off.   She told me she was my sister and she was coming home with me.  In fact when I gave her my book to write her name and she went off to get other people to write their names in it I soon discovered that all that was in was her name and her phone number.


Asking me to keep in touch.

An incredible lady who makes bread at the bakery and carried it in, tradtionally on her head, from where it had been mixed down the road.    The ladies don’t have a mixing facility on site so they have do that off site.

Veronica is a mum of three who not only works in the bakery but also in the evening selling plaintain.   Talk about hard working.

I shall remember her forever


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