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For The Gallery this week Tara is joining in with #OpTeddyBear which is the brain child of a very poorly little boy called Fin.  In Tara’s own words:

Finlay Church was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumour last year. An aggressive tumour that’s rare in children.

But Fin wants to say thank you to those who have been helping him through his condition by raising funds and breaking world records. He wants to break the Guinness World Record for the most teddy bears in a row (he needs more than 4,000) which he will be going for on May 3. And now he’s on the biggest bear hunt ever!

So in support of Fin here is my teddy bear. Now show me yours. Literally take a selfie with your teddy bear. Or your kids’ teddy bear. Or your dog’s teddy bear.

And if you want to share it on Twitter take your photo with a piece of paper with the hashtag #Opteddybear to show Fin your support. Dame Kelly Holmes has joined in. As has Olly Murs and Eamonn Holmes.

We only got back from Holland late last night and I had spotted this was the theme for the Gallery over the weekend so this morning I dragged out Stanley.  I say dragged… he sits on top of our wardrobe.   I have had him since I was little.   I think 2 maybe?  But it might have been before then.  I have no idea why I called him Stanley but he does look like one doesn’t he?

Through every house move as a child, and even when I lived abroad I knew where Stanley was.   I used to collect teddies because my dad would bring one back for me whenever he travelled with work.   I was 35 when I finally gave them all away to charity.

All but Stanley.

If you are on Twitter and would like to join in with Fin’s challenge, please do, it is very simple and would clearly make a poorly boy very happy.

PS Please forgive me looking rubbish, not feeling great and no make up but then this isn’t about that is it?  It’s about Finlay.  

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