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What a great theme.   Prompted by the fact that many photos these days are planned, cropped, edited, photo shopped or Instagrammed.   Or maybe one of ten all taken in quick succession so the final edit is as near perfect as it can be.

This is an opportunity to show a photo that is spontaneous and maybe not of an amazing event.   Possibly not perfectly framed.   The light not so great.   The focus slightly off.    Just a photo that simply captured a moment in time.

I am going to spoil you this week by also giving you a picture of me.   I know I know, contain yourselves.

Back in 2009…. Late night / early morning.    Mr B had gone into the kitchen to make some tea and when he came back this was the sight he found.

It sort of speaks for itself doesn’ it?

I apologise for what sitting cross legged does to my cleavage.

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