The laundrette of mum and dad — AD

or in our case, the laundrette of mum and step dad!  Not that I mind to be fair but did you know that 70% of adults use their parents washing machine?  That’s according to new research from Beko and when I read it I have to say I am not surprised.

When my eldest moved out with her boyfriend they moved into a flat that had a washing machine but it didn’t have a tumble drier.  They were out at work all day and so they couldn’t leave windows open and worried about making the place damp if they put their clothes on radiators to dry.  Which meant that whenever they came over to see us they came with a pile of laundry to wash and dry before going home again.  Putting them firmly in that 65% (though they did actually do it all themselves, just used our machines.  And detergent!!).

Now they have their own house and tumble drier they dont need to come home and do it, but have passed the task on to our youngest who recently moved into a flat with her boyfriend.   They are still here at the weekend’s so make sure they make full use of our utility room before heading back to the flat on a Monday night.

Since Jonnie was at boarding school for five years I have been used to piles of laundry appearing and needing to be washed, dried and ironed almost overnight so it now just feels like something we have always done!  I know to get mine and Mr B’s stuff done Monday to Friday because come the weekend our utility room will be overtaken by piles of other people’s stuff.

If you find yourself in this position I would suggest you lay down some ground rules or you might all come to blows

  • No leaving wet clothes in the machine overnight.  If you put the washing machine on, you have to be around to put it all into the tumble drier straight away.  Or better yet, put things on hangers and hang them on the washing line.
  • Don’t take other people’s stuff out and dump it on the floor.  If it is in the tumble drier take it all out and fold it, it if is in the washing machine, put it in the tumble drier.
  • Check your pockets before you put anything in the washing machine, and check the drum when you are finished.  Stray Pound coins can get stuck and stray red socks can wreak havoc on the next load of whites


The same research also suggests that 18% dont do their own laundry because they think “mum enjoys it”.  Can I just state, for the record, I am not one of those mums!

Though if there was a trade off for doing your laundry and you washing my car then you might have a deal.

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