The one about tights

You might think that writing a post about tights is bit “huh” but bear with me.  If you wear tights as often as I do you will appreciate how phenomenal it is when you find a pair that actually fits you.  Not just feel alright, but that actually fit.   For years I have battled buying tights that ended up falling down half way through the day.   I have tried the “pants on the outside trick” but sometimes they don’t do the trick and on more than on occasion I have found myself holding on to my falling down tights through my skirt because if I didn’t they would have been around my knees at the supermarket check out.

Imagine my joy then when UK Tights approached me and promised me that their Pamela Mann tights would quite possibly be the best I had ever tried.    UK Tights bill themselves as being Earth’s largest hosiery store and they aren’t kidding, every colour and every size from 16 to 34 at your fingertips.

I think they might have seen that photo above on Instagram this week and taken pity on me with my not so great looking tights, who knows.

…. formulated specifically with plus sized women in mind.   The ‘Pamela Mann 50 Denier Curvy Super Stretch Tights’ have a deeper body rise, wider thigh fit, re-designed waistband, flat seams and light leg support and are available up to UK dress size 34.

Unlike most other plus size tights, these have no back panel; they are knitted to fit the required size and therefore, just have one seam down the middle rather than two uncomfortable seams down your cheeks!

Previously, this feature has only been found in more expensive brands of hosiery

They kindly sent me a charcoal pair and some red ones and immediately I knew they were right, they are SO comfortable.  So soft and the most incredible fit.   They retail for just over £10 a pair which is slightly more than I would normally pay but they are infinitely better.

In fact they are so comfortable I might have to re-create that photo.

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