Caroline Hirons organised my face

Caroline Hirons organised my face

Not even joking.   ACTUAL Caroline “possibly the most influential skincare blogger in the Western Hemisphere” (according to NewBeauty Magazine this month) Hirons has sorted out my face.  Okay so maybe right now I do have a spot the size of a small Mediterranean Island on my chin but I see that as proof that what I have been doing to my face, thanks to Caroline, over the past week is working.

But how did this all come about I hear you ask.

I posted on Instagram last week that I didn’t really know what I was doing with my skincare.  I didn’t really have a regime, or hero products that I swore by.  I had some I had been using for years, but I wasn’t sure if they were actually doing all they could be for my skin.   Now I am officially old peri-menopausal my skin is definitely drier than it has ever been, and despite using moisturiser every morning by mid day it often felt like my cheeks were going to peel off (and if on the rare occasions I used make up, that would start flaking by mid day).   What I wanted to know from other people was if there were products out there that I should know about, since most of my skincare purchasing is done in duty free once year, or slung in my Tesco trolley if something is on 3 for 2 deals.

Not the best way to run a skin care regime.

Caroline saw my post and simply said “DM me your address, I’ll take care of it”.    I met Caroline at a wedding a few years ago and have followed her because her advice is fabulous, and because if you aren’t following Caroline are you even on Instagram?   My problem was that Caroline has tried and reviewed SO many products I just didn’t know where to start really.

Never did I think that Caroline would do all that decision making for me and then send me the products to try out.   So what was in the package?  Buckle up, here we go:

Double Cleanser from Pixi and Caroline.   This is the one thing I have been using for a long time (because you can buy it in M&S) as it’s a super simple cleanser that smells fab and couldn’t be easier to use.    The pot is in two halves inside, the more solid oil cleanser is used first, on dry skin, removed with a moist flannel, and the cleansing cream is used second before also being removed.   Used morning and night it gets all the gunk off your face and definitely leaves mine feeling cleansed and fresh.   £24 for 100 ml

Pixi Glow Tonic This is the next step and can be used either morning or night (I have been using it in the evening) and is an alcohol free exfoliating tonic applied with a cotton pad.   It doesn’t feel like any exfoliators I have used in the past, they left my face feeling like it had been sand blasted.   This just feels like another level of cleansing and smells heavenly.  £10 for 100ml 

DCL Hydra Boost Finishing Serum.  This is the most expensive thing I have ever put on my face.   But oh my lord it is wonderful, and will hopefully last for ages as you only need the tiniest amount.    My skin has never felt so hydrated after applying this to it.  It made my skin glow like it has never glowed before.  I love it and want to be able to afford this in the future so much it hurts.  £98 for 30ml

Protini Polypeptide Cream This is the most glorious moisturiser that gets absorbed into my skin almost straight away, leaving it looking better than it has in years in my opinion.    When I wake up in the morning it still feels more hydrated than it ever has in the morning.  Normally my skin feels like you are running your fingers over a piece of blotting paper, but not anymore.    It comes with a sealed top so you press down and get just the right amount (I am definitely guilty of thinking that if I use loads of moisturiser my skin will feel better but that isn’t how it works apparently, who knew?!).   £57 for 50ml

Other than the double cleanser, which I was already using, I would never have picked the other three products, they wouldn’t have even come on to my radar and I guess if they had I would have baulked at the price and wondered if they were going to be a sound investment.    Suffice to say they would have been.

Certainly the Pixi products are a great price and I shall certainly go and look at the rest of the range now.

Though other products mentioned on my post included Boots No 7 range, Dermalogica and Liz Earle.   Some people even suggested making my own which I am seriously contemplating too.  What could possibly go wrong?!

Huge thanks to Caroline for sending these products to me.  Do check out her website and Youtube channel if you havent already.

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