The one where I think I have had an epiphany



I don’t know if it was just because we were away from home and I was super relaxed, or if it was fact it was 10pm and we had been drinking wine since 3pm, but something happened on Saturday that I think might have been a bit of an epiphany.

A bit of a life changing moment of “actually do you know what, you can do that and if you do it the world won’t stopping spinning”.

You see last week I spotted on the twitter feed run by the owners of the Devon house we were staying in that they had tweeted about there being nymphs in the garden.   Apparently the owner is a photographer, and somebody with a bottom more pert than mine had posed in the gardens.  This had then been shared on Twitter and I happened to spot it before we headed off to Amberstone Manor for our Blogger Retreat weekend in Devon.

I then made the fatal mistake of mentioning it to Annie

And well, the rest is history really.  We have form for being daft when we have had a drink or two and so the idea of being a nymph seemed to make perfect sense.  For her, for her to be the nymph and for me to hold her clothes and photograph it.  I couldn’t possibly get undressed in front of a camera.

  I am a sensible middle aged mother of three who doesn’t do things like that.   Can’t do things like.  I am the sensible one, Annie is not.  A bit like Laurel and Hardy.

I might talk a good talk but when it comes down to it I am not really that daft.  I am the one that holds the camera normally and encourages others to do the deeds (ie get Annie on a treadmill singing “I like to move it”).   I am the one who doesn’t drink as I drive to make sure my loved ones get home safely.   I am the host making sure people all have a drink.   In my head in recent years I have become the boring one.

After dinner I had snuck off to find some wifi in the courtyard outside our room (see, being boring again) and then heard Annie, Alice and Rachel wander past and say “we are off to nymph” before they headed upstairs to the snooker room.

You see we had joked about the nymph photos with the lovely ladies from Olivers Travels, who were looking after us. Much to our surprise they said it was a hilarious idea and one that we really should re-create.

Whilst I was on my bench face down in Instgram it seems the plan was hatched and off they headed.    Safe from prying eyes of anybody else and with some great props for some funny pics.    In my absence they had clearly decided the garden was too dark and too cold for any nymphing.

“What?” I thought  “Actual nymphing right now?”

Could I do this?  Would I be brave enough to whip my top off and be silly for ten minutes without being too embarrassing and follow them.

Seems I could.   Seems if it is good enough for the Calender Girls it is good enough for us bloggers too.

And that’s what has led to my epiphany moment.   That it is possible to be 46, the wrong side of a size 18, a mum of three and still have fun.   Have a giggle with friends.   That we don’t always have to be the grown ups, we can let our hair down.   And do things that we really probably shouldn’t and that whilst our kids might not particularly like it, in the grand scheme of being embarrassing it really isn’t that bad after all.

The world doesn’t stop spinning just because we have decided to grab life by the horns and for ten minutes do something so far out of our comfort zone it terrifies us but afterwards makes us think “that was bloody brilliant”.

So, about this calendar……

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