The Pig in the Wall, Southampton

The Pig in the Wall is a 12 room boutique hotel in the heart of Southampton.  But it’s more than that.  It’s quirky, and comfy and built into the town’s medieval walls, some of the rooms even make a feature of the wall (ask for room 10).  If you were to look at the location on Google Maps you might think “hmm, no thanks, it’s on a busy road with nothing to really look at and it also looks like it’s actually on that roundabout” but that would mean you miss out on one of the best night’s sleep you might ever experience.

This was our first stay at one of The Pig’s hotels, though I had been lucky enough to enjoy lunch at the restaurant in Brockenhurst a few months ago and had vowed to visit again, though this trip wasn’t planned.  It was a spur of the moment trip because Mr B had found a room deal available for the same night for just under £100 and fancied being spontaneous.

There is a small car park to the rear (accessed through the arch on the left hand side, via a buzzer) which is free for diners, and £10 a night for overnight guests.   A short stroll to the entrance and you are greeted with a warm smile and shown straight up to your room.  There is no formal reception desk here so any form filling, requests for wake up calls or news papers are all done once you have been shown to your room.   There are, apparently, two rooms on the ground floor, one with a wet room but I am not sure how easy it would be to get a wheelchair across the gravelled car park or into the deli / lounge / bar so I would have to say that I don’t recommend it for those with limited mobility, sadly.  Well certainly not without you doing your own research first of all.

Nor is there a full blown restaurant, but that adds to the charm.  There is a deli serving a small selection of nibbles, small plates, and desserts, most of the ingredients sourced locally.  If you do want to enjoy a more classic dining experience then The Pig do offer a complimentary shuttle service to Brockenhurst, but in all honesty it would be a real shame to miss out on dinner in the snug lounge.   It really is like being in somebody’s front room with its laden dresser, open fire and eclectic collection of tables and chairs.  Service is attentive yet laid back and friendly, and should you need any recommendations of things to see or do locally then they are more than happy to help.

Our room, up on the second floor had the most amazing corridor leading down to its en suite.  I can genuinely say I have never seen anything like it.  A beautifully tiled floor, and white painted exposed bricks had me wanting to spend hours in it taking photographs of every angle to share on Instagram.  The bathroom was spotlessly clean with a monsoon shower and lovely toiletries from Bramley.  There was even soap wrapped in brown paper beside the sink.   The bed was one of the most comfortable I have ever slept in and I didn’t hear a sound from outside, either in the evening or the following morning.

You want to know the best bit, though?  The best bit was the snack cupboard.  Now normally I rage about kettles in cupboards.  I mean, seriously, why are kettles and tea trays hidden in wardrobes all the time?  The Pig though can be forgiven for this as the kettle, and coffee machine, are in a snack cupboard of dreams.  And not only is there a copious amount of booze in the fridge (all individually priced) but there is a pint of fresh milk.  None of that UHT nonsense in a tiny plastic pot, but proper milk for your morning (or midnight) cuppa.

We loved The Pig in Southampton and I would definitely stay again.  So many hotels these days are full of identikits-kit rooms, that leave you feeling you could be anywhere, that it is lovely to see all of the Pigs bucking the trend.  No two rooms are the same but you can bet your life they all make it very hard for you to leave.

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