The “randomness” of my Twitter week

So here’s the thing.   I work from home so my days can be quite, well, dull.   The majority of my work is allocating job requests from various letting agents to inventory clerks who all work for my main client.  This means I am tied to a computer for the majority of the day.

Except when The Real Housewives of New Jersey is on.

Or when I am catching up on Made in Chelsea ( I have to watch this when Mr B isn’t in because otherwise I cannot concentrate due to him rolling his eyes and looking at me strangely).

This means there are lulls in my day quite often and I find myself Tweeting. Not just “putting it out there stuff” but I do try to interact with the 1976 people I follow.  Yes I really do follow almost 2000 people.  And yes, I really have done over 31,000 tweets.

And this week, more than any really has been a really bizarre one for the conversations I have had.  In addition to the usual:

“Morning, who wants tea”

“Acorns are falling on my head”

“What has Sinitta ever done to make her a music industry expert, other than sleep with Cowell”

“Women of BlackBushe stop showing so much flesh”

I have had the most random “conversations” with other people.    More so, it feels, than in any other week.

It started last Friday when I saw @emmafreud interview her cousin Esther.  An event I heard about via Emma on Twitter.  I love Esther’s books and have been a huge fan since Hideous Kinky first came out twenty years ago.

I had tweeted that I was going along and Emma replied to say I must introduce myself as she had been following me since the summer.   So being the shy and retiring type <ahem>  I sat in the front row and did exactly that at the end.  Emma was lovely and we had a great chat where I also gave her some brownies from another person I now call a friend, that I also met through Twitter.    The ever present on my timeline @gowercottage.

Later that afternoon I joked to Emma on Twitter and asked if I could call her my Twitter Best Friend.  I got an emphatic “YES” as reply.   <insert warm fuzzy feeling>

On Saturday @aboutLondon  tweeted asking if anybody had a photograph of a gherkin because they needed it for a blog post they were writing.  Google results were only bringing up the building.  As luck would have it I did have a jar in the fridge as they are one of Mr B Sr’s favourite snacks.   So I duly took one out and photographed it.

“Can you do it on a white background?”

“Sure”  because laying bits of paper on the kitchen table to photograph a gherkin is one of the normal ways to spend fifteen minutes on a Saturday.

Sunday and it was all tweets about the heat and a lovely conversation with @annabel_giles about the new school her son Ted is attending.  If you haven’t seen Annabel’s blog and what has happened to her and Ted, I do really recommend it.  But have tissues ready.  It is here:

Monday and it was responses I was getting to my tweet of  “Son has just texted me to ask who the famous person was that our cat wee’d on when we were in Saudi”.     I loved how that came from nowhere from J and it seemed people were intrigued as to who it was.    Suffice to say a footballer from the 80s who has a dance show winning son.

Tuesday started off with a flurry of tweets about the major cock up the Daily Mail had made the night before in publishing the wrong front page following the Amanda Knox verdict.  Complete with “quotes” and “facts” that were all completely fabricated.   Both with fellow blogger @mmelindor and also @stopdailymail  who is a Tweeter that does what he says on the tin.

The afternoon moved on to  how helpful O2 were trying to be in sorting out my phone connection issues.  No, that is not me being sarcastic.  They really were trying to help.  Still isn’t sorted out but at least they were trying.

Also tweets from our local Majestic suggesting that I might like to place a bulk (and I mean BULK) order.  They clearly know Mr B and I very well.

Tuesday evening ended with tweets about squirrel nuts.  If you watched the Great British Bake Off you will know what I mean.

And then this morning I have had a tweet conversation with Wincey Willis.  Remember her?!   My favourite radio station, Absolute,  is doing a “Big in the 80s” call-in on the Christian O’Connell Breakfast show, where you try and get an 80s legend to call in and if they win (by being funny or touching) they win £5,000 for their chosen charity and you can win £5,000 for yourself.    @winceywillis1 did indeed call in this morning and explained that she was hoping to win the money for Harry Moseley, an 11 year old little boy who has an inoperable brain tumour.  Fingers crossed her call is the winner.

I got a whole flurry of tweets and new followers after that all saying they had donated money or had heard my name on the Absolute.

They have all been great Twitter conversations, I have loved them all.  How on earth would I have ever had them without Twitter?!

And so here we are, lunchtime on Wednesday and I have no idea what on earth the rest of the week will bring.  Surely it cannot get anymore random than that, can it?

Can it?

Actually knowing me, I haven’t seen anything yet.





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  • I joined twitter ages ago but never really ‘got’ it till recently. Over this past 2 weeks I’ve become hooked. I just love the way as you have pointed out in this post, you can have these random convos with people you would never normally meet. Its great fun and something else to distract me!

  • I love twitter, it seriously make being a stay at home mum so much more fun. I love the things I end up reading and the information shared. I love the school run tweets reminding me I’m not alone in this. I love the middle of the night tweets with fellow moms of night feeding babies. Love it!

  • I love how Twitter throws up random conversations and creates new friendships. I was chatting today with a new follower and she lives just a few miles from me, she kept me from getting bored waiting for hubby’s car at the garage.

    P.S. I’ve been following you for a week since your lovely MIL told me about your blog

    • Catherine, you know the gorgeous “Lady” B?! Where are you on Twitter? Please tweet me so I know it is you!!