The Secrets Between Us — Louise Douglas — A review


It won’t have escaped your attention this week if you follow me on Twitter, that I have had an ear infection.    And this means I have not been sleeping or doing an awful lot apart from lying on the sofa feeling sorry for myself.

And thank God for Louise Douglas is all I can say.   This book just about kept me sane.

500+ pages that I couldn’t stop turning.  Stopping only to take the next dose of  painkillers I was gripped from start to finish.

Sarah has gone to away with her sister and brother in law to get over a broken heart after learning her long term partner has been having an affair with her best friend.

Alex is at the same hotel having a break with his son after doing some business locally following the disappearance of his wife a few weeks before.

After the briefest of holiday romances Alex asks Sarah to come and be his housekeeper in the tiny sleepy village where he lives.  A village dominated by his missing wife’s family.

You can imagine how well that goes down and Sarah soon finds herself the latest topic of village gossip.

Should she stay and look after Alex and Jamie or should she go back to Manchester?  Where is Alex’s missing wife?   Does Alex know more than he is letting on?

Sarah might be falling in love with Alex but does she actually know anything about him?

A really gripping but easy read.   Not a huge list of characters and short chapters so you can read in short bursts if you have to.   Or if you are like me and on your death bed, you can read the whole thing in one go.

Highly recommend this one!


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