Thinking Slimmer — Weeks four and five

Sorry I didn’t do a post last week, I was having real problems with my blog and couldn’t access it to write the post and then events overtook me.

So anyway.   Here we are.   Over a month into this now and what can I say?   I am still listening to the Godly Trevor.   He is just a part of my routine now and I if I stopped listening to him I would feel disloyal in some way.

I put on a pair of jeans this week that last year I had to stop wearing because whilst they felt okay, after an hour the waistband started to dig in.   And guess what?   After a day of wearing, not only did they not dig in but I didn’t have red marks either!

I also went to Rigby and Peller during half term as Mr B had bought me some vouchers for Christmas.  I splurged on three new bras which were all a back size smaller than the one I had gone in wearing.

So not only am I losing pounds, I am losing inches where it matters.   And I know that Thinking Slimmer do say not to be a slave to scales, which is a great idea but at the moment, for me I just need that daily visual.    It is great to know though that my clothes are feeling more loose too.

And also during half term we ate out three times.  Oops.  Including wine, fatty food and cheese.  I thought I had seriously fallen off the wagon that week.  But no, I didn’t put anything on!!!

Not only did I not gain… I have lost more too.   Another four pounds

Which makes it a round 14lbs and that’s a stone!!!

A whole stone lighter.

There is nothing else to say really, is there?



This two week’s loss:   4lbs

Overall loss: 14lbs

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  • AWESOME. And how satisfying is it, knowing you can still go out and EAT and ENJOY and not feel guilty, and still NOT put the weight back on?

    Oh yes. *happy face*

    Well done lady 😉

  • Fantastic! I think it must really spur you on to know that you’ve lost a stone and that you can do it. You should be so darn proud of yourself.

  • Let she who is without sin……….!
    Well done.
    Make sure you keep the inches in the right places; still need some visual pleasures