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They say that Africa gets under your skin. I don’t know who “they” actually are but “they are right.   I have been lucky enough to go to Africa three times now with Comic Relief, although flying visits to Tanzania, Ghana and Kenya it has left me with a real taste for the continent.  And I want to see more of it.   I want a holiday in Africa because although I have been three times, they were just flying visits and we didn’t really get to see much of the countries we were in.  Or to just stop and soak up the African culture.

Mr B went on safari in a previous life and there is now a standing joke in our family whenever anybody mentions hot air balloons that he replies with “well of course when I was in a balloon over the Serengeti”.   Or when we see elephants the story of how he used a whole roll of film (that tells you how long ago this trip was) trying to capture pictures of elephants.   36 photos of various bits of the elephant’s backside.   The elephant knew Mr B was a rookie and he was having none of it, preferring to stay out of shot behind a tree.

My aunt lived in Cape Town for nearly 30 years and it saddens me that I never made it out to visit South Africa before she died.   The photos my dad brought back from the trips that he made really made me want to explore the city, and of course Table Mountain.     So I have found myself browsing travel companies such as Saga Travel looking for that “once in a lifetime” African holiday to celebrate Mr B turning 50 this year.   They can organise it all for us which makes things so much easier.

This is my top 5 of must sees if we make it, are there any others we should add?

Hluhluwe-Imfolozi Park

I don’t know how to pronounce that park but it sounds incredible, its the oldest game reserve in Africa.  It has the largest population of white rhino in Africa and I would love to see them in the wild.


This to me is the real South Africa and part of the country I really want to see.   I have loved seeing children playing football barefoot in other parts of Africa and would love to see it here.   The vibrant colours of the clothes worn by the women as they go about their daily tasks.  I want to see it all and be a part of it for an afternoon!

Adoo Elephant National Park

Well because it is about time Mr B really got some photographs of elephants.  And where better than here?

A vineyard tour

Regular readers amongst you will know that my parents had a vineyard in France for 12 years.  So it would be fun to go and see how they do it in South Africa.

Bo Kaap

Finally I would really like to go to this suburb of Cape Town.   It is on a hill and the houses are all brightly coloured and there are cobbled streets, it sounds like a photographer’s dream

As I say, those are my “must sees”, what would yours be?

Thanks to Saga Travel for the inspiration to write this post

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