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With the warmer spring weather now arriving it is also time for the arrival of invitations to this year’s weddings.   Traditionally wedding invitations arrive around six weeks before the big day though we normally get wind of the event earlier, but when the invite arrives we know we are officially on the guest list and can start our own planning!  Here are my top tips for summer weddings.


This time last year we were in the final planning stages of Caity and Dan’s June wedding and I remember the excitement, the nerves, the cheque writing, and the various questions from other guests that as mother of the bride landed in my inbox.    So I thought it might be a good idea to write down my top tips for summer weddings.

Consider staying overnight

Weddings are long affairs, and trust me if you are part of the bridal party you wont get much sleep the night before the big day so by 8pm on the day itself you will be shattered.  Both physically and emotionally, and so you really won’t want to think about driving home.   It is also fair to say that you might have a glass of bubbly or two which rules out driving completely.   Most venues that host weddings offer discounts for guests so do ask your bride and groom if they have managed to do this and see if you can grab your self a room for the night.

It also means you can toast the happy couple as Mr and Mrs at breakfast the following morning which is always special.

Think ahead about your gift

If your bride and groom have supplied you with a wedding list do think about the practicalities of taking the gift you select to the wedding.   Whilst we appreciated every one of the thoughtful gifts we received on the day, trying to then get them all home the next day was complicated to say the least.  Especially with a bird table :-).   There is no shame in writing an IOU in the card that you put in the post box on the day, and letting the happy couple know the gift will be delivered after the honeymoon.

Or if they are going on honeymoon maybe don’t stick to the gift list and give them some local currency so they can have a meal out or do an excursion they may not have otherwise considered.


It is never too early to think about what you are going to wear.  And to consider how comfortable and practical it is.    Yes, strappy may look gorgeous but if the wedding is in May it could be raining on the day and there is nothing worse than seeing a frozen guest in the photos.  Think about a pashmina or a lightweight jacket to go with it.

I would also suggest that you don’t buy something that is very obviously for a wedding.   I adored my dress for Caity and Dan’s wedding last year (I mean, it had a cape, what is there to not love about a cape?!) it is doubtful I will ever wear it again.  Nor the hat.   Both of these items were around £250 each and that is a lot of money to have in the wardrobe.

Same with shoes.   Yes, get something gorgeous (and heels, because who doesn’t love a heel at a wedding?!) but both bride and guests should really consider getting  cheap bridal shoes rather than anything costing hundreds.

Remember to enjoy the day

I always take a moment at a wedding to really focus on what is happening.  It is easy to get swept up in the event and realise it is all over in a flash.   But I think we need to remember that we have been invited to witness something very special, very important and we need to focus on that.   This is an event that has often been months in the planning and we need to savour every second.

Preferably with that glass of fizz!

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