Update on the perfect stranger swap

A month ago today I shared that I was taking part in a stranger swap. Well obviously it is not about swapping an actual stranger, that would be a logistical nightmare.   But this was something organised by Oh Comely magazine and involved signing up, saying a little bit about yourself and then waiting for the bods at Oh Comely to match you with another participant.   My first blog post is here “Perfect Strangers Project“.

Earlier this month I got my partner and found out they were in Los Angeles.  Eek.   What do you buy for somebody in California that you have never met and the only stuff you know about them is from one paragraph?!    And what will they send me?  If anything?  Because of course there is always the chance that nothing will arrive.

Something I need not have worried about as it happens as my package arrived this week, crossing the Atlantic with the parcel that I sent.   It was so exciiting to see my name and my partner’s address in the “sender” space.   I ripped the parcel open and set about opening up my parcels and reading the note.   So much thought had clearly gone in to it.


My partner, Chell, knew from my paragraph that I liked to read so had included her favourite essay, funnily enough on self esteem.  There were also two CDs from her husband who is a musician (and Chell did the artwork for the CDs) so it was a real thrill to be sent them to listen to.   Also some chocolate.    Yummy.   A gorgeous little notebook and a big paper decoration that I am going to save for Christmas

The parcel I sent is above, all ready to go in an old empty Glossybox container.   What did I put in?

This little lot


An odd mix I grant you.    But there is some reasoning behind it all.

An inflatable crown because they don’t have a Queen in the US and who doesn’t want to be Queen for the day?

A chocolate spoon for an end of the day treat

Treats for the two black cats that Chell told me she had.  And seaside mix because, well they live by the sea.

A little light for when Chell is walking in the woods or out at the lake she likes to go to

And lastly a “decorate it yourself” gingerbread biscuit.  Or is it a cookie.

I have really loved being a part of this, it ticks all my boxes on doing something lovely, without spending a lot of money and just giving something out to the world and seeing what happens.   I have no idea if my box will even make it to Chell, I really hope it does and that she likes it as much as I have loved getting my parcel.

If you want to take part next year then do bookmark this link  Perfect Strangers or follow them on Twitter:  @swapasurprise

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