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If you are planning on visiting Rome for the first time this tourist guide article is for you. Below, are details of some of the things every first-time visitor should consider experiencing and enjoying.

If you are planning a visit to Rome and have never been before, this tourist guide article is for you. Below, are details of some of the things every first-time visitor should consider experiencing and enjoying.

Enjoy a night at the opera

This first suggestion is a little unusual and may not be for everyone. But, a night of opera is quite an experience. Italy is the home of opera. The Italians love this performance art so Rome Opera Tickets are not crazy expensive and anyone is welcome. They take quite a laid back approach to things. 

For ordinary performances, there is not really much of a dress code. So, you won’t have to try to find room for a suit, jacket or evening dress in your suitcase to be able to attend. But, always double-check the dress code. For opening nights, you may need something formal to wear if you plan to attend one of those special performances.

Enjoy some of Rome’s art

If you enjoy art, you are spoilt for choice in Rome. It has a thriving contemporary art scene. For that, head to the MAXXI Museum. If you like urban and street art, the Quadraro area and its MURO museum is the place to visit.

But, don’t forget to enjoy some of the work by the old masters too. In Rome, you can see pieces by Michelangelo, Bernini, Raphael, Caravaggio and many more world-famous artists. Often, these works of arts are housed in buildings that you are going to want to visit anyway, especially churches.

Take a tour to see the main sights

Taking a city tour on your first day is a good idea regardless of which city you are visiting. It provides you with a chance to get your bearings and ensure that you do not miss any of the most famous sights. If you take a hop-on hop-off style tour you can spend more time at the places you really want to see and just drive past the rest. 

However, do take the time to spend time at The Colosseum, The Pantheon, The Spanish Steps and The Forum. Also, set aside a morning or two to visit Vatican City. As you can see by clicking here, if you are visiting Rome for the first time there is SO much to do.

Put aside some time to relax

But, don’t spend all of your first time visiting Rome on sight-seeing. In the evenings, enjoy a meal in one of Rome’s many restaurants. If you can afford to do so, pick one with a terrace view of the city. There is something magical about eating your meal as the sun goes down looking out over the ancient sights of Rome.

If you really want to get away from it all go swimming or enjoy a theme park or spa day. There is plenty of water and theme parks within easy reach of this compact city. Hydromania, Pavolandia and Castrum Legionis are amongst the most popular.

The great thing about Rome is that you can keep coming back year after year. You will never run out of things to see and do there.

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