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If you have kids and are looking for a good city to take them to for a few days, Vienna could be exactly what you are looking for. It is an extremely child-friendly place. Over the past decade or so, city officials and residents have been actively working to make it a destination for families. 

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Opera for children

The Viennese are huge fans of opera. It is not a very big city yet there are several very active opera companies. That includes one that caters specifically for children. The Vienna State Opera puts on shortened performances of many of the classic operas. They also perform full-length operas like Hansel and Gretel. Kids love seeing their favourite fairytales brought to life like this.

As you can see here, going to the opera in Vienna is not crazy expensive like it is in some other places. So, an afternoon or evening of opera is affordable for most families.

Picnic and let off steam in the park

Vienna is one of the greenest cities on the planet. Around 50% of its surface area is given over to parks and green spaces. They are great places to take the kids to let off steam. 

Most kids enjoy a picnic, which is a good thing for two reasons. Eating in restaurants is expensive. It costs far more than buying good quality ingredients from the supermarket or market and putting together a picnic. Plus, the kids get plenty of fresh air and everyone can enjoy a walk.

Visit Vienna’s children’s museum

The ZOOM Children’s Museum will make your kids think that museums are cool, rather than boring. There are 4 sections, each of which is designed for kids from a different age-group to enjoy. So, you may need to split up if your children are far apart in age.

Let your kids engage with art in a fun way

Most children enjoy creating art, but they are not so keen to look at it. But, they are far more receptive to doing so if the experience is made as much fun as possible. The art detective trail at the Upper Belvedere palace has been specially designed with kids in mind. Although a lot of adults really enjoy following the trail too.

Visit the Prater amusement park

Regardless of the time of year, the Prater amusement park is a great place to head to with your kids. The view of the city from the 200ft high Ferris wheel is a great way to get some exceptional photos of your trip. There are 250 attractions and rides for everyone to enjoy. So, set aside at least one morning or afternoon to visit the Prater amusement park.

As you can see, Vienna has done an excellent job of turning itself into a kid-friendly destination. Even better, they are still finding ways to improve things. So, regardless of whether you choose to holiday there this year or several years down the line, you are guaranteed a warm welcome.


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