We don’t want your sort

This was basically the gist of the email that was sent to a couple this week, in error, after they did a tour of Stoke Park.   They were thinking of having their wedding there and had fallen in love with it, having rejected 30 other venues.

Stoke Park doesn’t come cheap at £230 a head and their intimate wedding of just 30 guests was going to cost £10,000.

Until they got an email that should have been sent by the wedding co-ordinator to a colleague.  Instead she sent it to the bride-to-be.


Hi Carlo

I need your advice on this wedding, I know this probably doesn’t sound very nice, but I am trying to put this wedding off as I don’t think they are the type of people that we would want to have at Stoke Park.

I spoke to the Bride {sic) yesterday as she was enquiring about availability, and I have put her off for now by telling her the dates that she is looking at are not available, but she has asked me if I can get back to her with available dates around end of June beginning of July 2013.



Twitter erupted.    Calls for the wedding co-ordinator to be sacked.

Rightly so.   What on earth do they mean “not the type of people that we would want to have at Stoke Park”?

A couple in love?

A couple who can afford to pay £10,000 for one afternoon?

Who wanted to pay extra for things like a fireworks display?

Honestly, when will businesses start realising that money is money and that if people don’t spend their hard earned cash with them they will spend it elsewhere.

Cash is cash.  Regardless of the “sort of person” spending it.  Right?

Wrong it would seem.

And then we see this today:

The suggestion that actually the Hotel might have been justified in their decision.


Oh so it is all right after all to turn away a bride to be if she has a job on TV where she might not be wearing many clothes?

The suggestion WE may feel differently today?


No.  Messrs Daily Mail.   WE do not feel any differently about the way Michele has treated Pauline and Paul.

It still stinks, regardless of what somebody’s job may be.


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  • I’ve been to Stoke Park for a top to toe spa day. For most of the day I wore no clothes at all. Presumably they won’t welcome me (and my credit card) back there. My apologies to Stoke Park, I didn’t realise women who visited were supposed to be in purdah.

  • I’ve read this and couldn’t believe it and all they had to say was “Sorry, get in touch to discuss your requirements and oh yeah, we’ll deal with our colleague internally.” Not good enough, if you ask me. They should give them a free wedding…