Asda wooden kitchen review

Asda wooden kitchen review

Asda Kitchen

I don’t know about you but not only am I not a huge fan of plastic tat toys I am a huge fan of wooden toys.  There is something timeless about them, with a longevity that I love.  That they once a living thing in a forest and not manufactured from some resin in a factory and shaped in a mould.   I know that is a romanticised view but there really is something about wooden toys that I adore.

When I was emailed recently and asked if I wanted to review something from Asda’s new range of wooden toys, well I couldn’t say no.  Despite the fact my three are now all at the stage where they play in a real kitchen and make dinner, rather than standing in front of a two foot kitchen pretending.   I knew that by accepting this review and sharing my thoughts on it I could then give this away to a worthy cause and it would be the gift that keeps on giving.  It is now off to a raffle in order to raise funds for a charity very close to a friend’s heart.

But in the meantime, whilst I get to play with it, what of it?

I was obviously very excited when I was asked if I wanted to review a kitchen.  As I mentioned on Facebook:


So with that clarified it’s on to the kitchen.

How well made is the Asda Wooden kitchen?

Well it is certainly well made.  Heavy in fact, and comes flat packed in a huge box.  So if you considering giving this to a small person for Christmas this year I would suggest maybe building it first rather than presenting a cardboard box and then having to take it away again to build it.   I love the colour theme, meaning that both boys and girls would be happy to play with it.   There are too many kitchens on the market that are clearly aimed at girls and this one most definitely isn’t.

This robust wooden kitchen with its vintage-themed red and blue cherry motif paintwork, designed to coordinate with the rest of the George Home Kids’ kitchen range, will be a firm favourite with adults and kids alike for its good looks as well as its possibilities for imaginative play! And although this is a kitchen, there’s no need to get hot and bothered putting it together as it only requires one hour’s assembly!

With four handy cooking utensils, your little one will be able to fry, bake and stir to their heart’s content! Set the time with the moving clock hands and cook up a storm on the hob by setting the temperature on the clickable moving cooking dials. Check on cakes on the oven shelf by opening the oven door and heat up dolly’s milk in the microwave with turntable before washing everything up on the plastic sink tray, then hang the utensils on the kitchen wall or stash them in the cupboard or drawer.

Kids will love sharing this fantastic kitchen with its great possibilities for learning and laughing through role-play.

Where can I buy the Asda wooden kitchen and how much is it?

You can buy it online here:  Deluxe Wooden Kitchen at just £40 which I think is a real steal.   Alongside this there are a whole host of other wooden toys on sale this year, as Asda are really focusing on wooden toys rather than plastic, all under the #WhatWoodYouPlay tag.

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  • Sounds a brilliant idea!
    Can’t help feeling that the kids may get as much fun playing IN the cardboard box as they would playing WITH the
    model kitchen stuff. Could be wrong but I have many happy memories of large cardboard boxes!
    This might explain a lot…….?