Whipsnade Zoo #AroundTheWorldIn30Days

Whipsnade Zoo recently invited us to spend the day at the Zoo as part of their #RoundTheWorldIn30Days campaign. The campaign is aiming to encourage us to walk 40,075km in the month of June, the circumference of the globe, and to raise money whilst doing it to help endangered animals. The zoo invited us along to see how many kilometres we could clock up by wandering around the zoo for the day. Well you know how much we like a challenge so off we went!

Whipsnade Zoo are asking that we sign up and donate what we can, or raise sponsorship money, to cover the kilometres in the 30 days of June. Either by walking, scooting, running, cycling, skate boarding, jogging, any way you like really. People raising over £100 will receive a medal too! All the info is here: Around the World

We had a wonderful day wandering amongst the animals, the zoo is, after all, the largest in the UK. (London zoo might have more species than Whipsnade but this zoo covers a larger area, in fact it is so big that you can pay extra and drive around it, parking in designated areas between the enclosures and still getting up close to the animals.

Even if you chose to walk around ( as we did ) there is a steam train that will take you on a tour that allows you to get amongst the elephants, camels and deer. It costs a few Pounds each but is a lovely way to see the animals, and on a warm day the shade it provides is a really welcome relief!

We had a wonderful day, and although we were gifted tickets we have donated the equivalent of our entry fees to the campaign.

For all the information on the Zoo’s opening times, how to get there, and how to buy tickets check out their website here: Visitor information

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