Top 6 Must-See UK Destinations!

Top 6 Must-See UK Destinations!

When you live in the UK, it’s easy to assume that you know everything there is to know about it. Well, unless you’ve explored every inch of the UK, chances are you’re 100% wrong on this one! 

The UK is full of bombastic, relaxing, intriguing and exciting things to do. There’s nowhere in the world that’s as diverse with what it offers – mountains or beaches, cities or quaint little villages; the UK truly has them all. Moreover, more people are starting to take full advantage of closer to home locales too! 

Consequently, here’re the UK’s top 10 must-see destinations! 


Filled to the brim with theatre, concerts, museums and parks, Southampton is chock full of things to do. Once you’ve had your fill, expand your interests further afield and pick up some season train tickets to let you explore the surrounding lands and insightful areas. Ultimately, Southampton is a to boomerang back to when you’re exploring the south of England. 


No UK tourist list is complete without giving London a mention. The capital is packed with historic landmarks and life-changing art; from the National Gallery (which has free entry) to the West End Theatre offerings. Hyde Park is available for walks and occasional concerts, and you can even roam around Buckingham Palace if you get your timing right! If you think you know London inside and out, think again! 


Yet another picturesque and stunning city, here you can view the remnants of Roman bathhouses if historic sights are of interest to you. Alternatively, you can get lost in interactive exhibits with state-of-the-art CGI to learn more about this period or get a taste of the Bath lifestyle by immersing yourself in a relaxing spa. Alongside these stimulating touring experiences are a bevy of traditional pubs and trendy cocktail bars, 


If you’re a fan of Harry Potter, you won’t want to give York a miss. The Shambles, a street with buildings resembling the Wizarding World’s Diagon Alley, can be found here. There’s also the towering York Minster to consider too; a stunning feat of architecture and craftsmanship that is impossible to stroll by without a visit inside or a picture or two taken. It’s a city with the feeling of a friendly, bustling town, making it the perfect destination for some exploring. 

The Yorkshire Dales

Why not kill two birds with one stone? If you’re visiting York, pay the Yorkshire Dales a visit too. After all, the UK isn’t about civilisations alone, but nature too. Sweeping fields, rare and intriguing wildlife, the Yorkshire Dales is home to all kinds of wonders. Strap on your backpack and keep your water bottles close to hand – a perfect hiking experience is in order here! 

The Lake District

Another famous place filled with immersive nature, here you can get involved with bombastic water sports or excitingly follow quaint walking trails. Alternatively, you can simply marvel at the sublime mountainous scenery. Whether you love an adventure or a quiet stroll, The Lake District will cater to every need you have. Relax, get active or enjoy a mix of the two – there’s always something to do and enjoy here! 


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