Window Wednesday — Deal Castle

Deal Castle Window Wednesday

We have Catherine of Aragon to thank for Deal Castle.  Sort of.   When Henry VIII decided he wanted to annul the marriage it caused ructions with the Pope of the time, and also with Catherine’s nephew who just happened to  be Charles V, the Holy Roman Emperor.   Having  annoyed these two men Henry was warned that an attack on England was imminent and therefore defences needed to be built.     Since Deal beach would have been a good spot for the massing of armies three such castles were built: Deal, Sandwich and Walmer.   Deal opened in 1540 and is still open today.

Deal Castle Kent

Though now only  to tourists such as Mr B and I.    Whilst down in Deal this weekend we walked up to the castle from the town centre to explore this little piece of real history.   I found myself touching the walls and really wishing they could talk and tell us just what they knew.  The castle really does have quite a few tales to tell, I am sure.  Who wouldn’t after nearly 500 years!

As always it was the areas that really showed a bit about the lives of the previous inhabitants that made me stop and think the most.  The huge fireplaces, the bread ovens, the wine store.  I swear I could still smell red wine in there.    The design of the building made it pretty useless for defence but did mean there were a lot of windows to chose from for Window Wednesday, I could have photographed them all.  And to be fair when I sat and looked through my camera I had taken quite a few!

This room was once a laundry, though I was more fascinated with the roof

Deal Castle Laundry Room

Deal Castle Wine Store

Deal Castle fireplaces

Deal Castle ovens

Deal Castle bread oven

But these are a few of the better ones.   If you ever find yourself near Deal, or indeed Sandwich or Walmer, they are well worth a visit.

Deal Castle compass

Deal Castle

Deal Castle

Deal Castle Keep

Deal Castle

Deal Castle

And it was whilst sitting staring at the piles of cannon balls that Mr B reminded me that the square tray on which they sit is called a monkey.  The same monkey from the “cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey”.   Legend has it that when on board ships the monkey would contract faster in the cold than the cannon balls and in so doing would allow the balls to spill all over the deck, hence the phrase.  It isn’t strictly true but it is a great story to tell tourists

Deal Castle

There is more information on the White Cliffs Country website, or on English Heritage’s site who now look after the castle.

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  • Amazing!
    Another great set of photos. You should publish.
    (Imagine trying to get Planning Permission for that lot today!! Health and safety alone…..!)
    Where next, pray?

  • Second comment. Hope I’m allowed?
    That opening photo is fascinating.
    The more I view it the more I think it is not a window at all!
    I think it’s the delivery port for coal.

    • It is odd isnt it? there were certainly a lot of these “holes” this one was in the wine store. And I think there is a reddish tinge to the right hand side maybe? Would the wine be delivered and poured down into vats / barrels maybe? I could certainly smell wine when I went in.

      But I think you are right, they are certainly shaped as though they were delivery chutes.

  • I love the idea of Window Wednesday, I’ve not seen it before! I also love windows and have tons of shots of them. We went to Deal, Walmer and Dover castles back in May (I’m still to write about it, whoops!) but we thought they were all fab. Mich x

    • Thanks Michelle! I love a good window so thought I would make it a weekly thing. Do share yours too! We didn’t manage the other castles this time but Walmer sounds stunning and I am definitely going back. Not a part of the world I knew at all but I was really taken with Deal, gorgeous little town that was buzzing!