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RSC Tower window

The more photographing I do the more I realise I like using windows to frame shots.   As I scroll through my memory cards and my phone I see more and more photos of windows.   Either looking out through them, the window itself or from the outside  looking at a wall with a row of old windows all lined up.

It has got me thinking that I would like to make it more of a feature and do a blog post every week with a window on it.  Or maybe the idea of a window being featured that shows something beyond it.   Like an arch in a garden being a window into a secret garden beyond.

I love the idea of a window leading you on to something beyond so am going to start sharing that love here.

The photo above for instance was taken this weekend whilst we were in Stratford Upon Avon.   We were there to explore all the town has to offer with Visit England and Shakespeare’s England and had the most amazing weekend (more to follow over the coming weeks) just wandering the streets, sailing up the Avon, and doing what visitors to new towns always do.  It was lovely to be a tourist!

We had a tour of the RSC booked for Saturday that included a visit up the Tower that was built in 2010 but the weather forecast was grim for Saturday.  So after dumping our bags in the hotel we went straight up the tower to make the most of the afternoon sunlight on Friday afternoon.

The shot above is the view from about the fifth floor, on our way back down.   Me sitting on the stairwell pointing my camera out of the window to get the view.   God knows what anybody would have thought if they had come down!  This is the view from the top:

View from RSC

Technically another view from a window but you wouldn’t know it, well other than to know that there was no way that could be taken outside unless I was in a crane and that was clearly never happening.

But isn’t that view stunning?  I could have looked down on the town for hours.  We really were so lucky with the weather.

This is the view the other way, the distance is about 35 miles away and the spire on the left is the church where Shakespeare is buried

RSC Tour 1

If you ever find yourself in Stratford the trip up the tower is well worth the £2.50 entrance fee (and there is a lift so wheelchair accessible too, and although we came down using the stairs you can of course use the lift).   All the info is here:  RSC tours and tower

Next week I will have another window pic to share so I do hope you come back for a peek

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  • What lovely weather!
    Was that arranged for you as well?
    It’s a super place to visit and stay though I found that you have to have a bit of luck with your times of arrival and departure to beat the traffic.
    Great photos – we haven’t been up the tower (as far as I remember!)
    Your blogs are like No 9 buses. You wait v patiently and then 3 come along all together.
    Thanks, nevertheless.

  • It was a fine day….and a good weekend all round.

    A last-minute bit of “culcha” which was resolutely middle-brow and excellent.