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Where to Go on a Rather Lovely Wine Tour in France


Those of you who know me will also know that I love a glass of vino or two.

So what better way to celebrate this than to pick out some of the top places in France to enjoy a wine tour?

Interestingly, around 10 million people visit France each year to taste its delectable wines, with some of the following regions being the most sought-after:


The mother of all drinks, champagne often garners a bit of reputation for being posh and a little bit stuck up. However, smaller vineyards are the best place to see this iconic drink in all its (modest) glory.

What’s more, because these places are a little bit off the beaten track, you’ll find the champagne is far more affordable.

There are two key areas in Champagne: Reims and Troyes. The former is quite a popular stop off for champagne lovers, but head to Epernay and you’ll have just as much choice and the chance to explore the 1800s mansions that were built there.


Burgundy’s winemaking region is centred round the Beaune area, with the tradition dating back hundreds and hundreds of years. That’s why this region is revered for producing top-notch wines.

The Burgundy region itself also spans over 100 miles, which is why this area alone is responsible for providing the world with a whopping 15 million cases (mostly white but with a few tasty reds thrown in for good measure) each and every year.


No trip to France is complete without visiting Bordeaux which is steeped in rich, winemaking history.

In this area, you’ll find the wine regions are really spread out but are in great number. So when you find yourself in a major village, they’re sure to be able to point you in the direction of their local vineyard.

Should wine be relatively new to you (what have you been drinking all of these years?), one key place to start is Le Cité du Vin which translates as the Guggenheim of Wine. This interactive exhibition tells you the history of winemaking, showcasing numerous vineyards from across the globe. And there are also demonstrations on how wine is made alongside interviews with well-known chefs and wine growers.

To top it all off, there’s even wine tasting at the end!

Essentially, it doesn’t really matter where you’re going in France because you’re always going to find an exceptional bottle of wine and a vineyard. Wine is at the heart of France’s culture, and I’m pretty sure when you’ve found yourself a bottle or two of the local wine, you won’t want to come home. “Hic!”


Photo of vineyard, courtesy of Shutterstock

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