Workplace Rituals


Chances are you work in an office.  Most people do.    I do too, I suppose, but mine is at home.   Normally in the “front room” on the desktop.   Or if there is something I have cheekily recorded on the Sky planner that needs watching and deleting before Mr B gets home, on the laptop in the lounge.

Working from home is a lonely old business.  The benefits for me far outweigh the downsides but I do miss the rituals that go with working in an office.

“Kettle’s on, who wants a coffee?”   That gets called out and the dog looks slightly confused.

“I am going to Costa / Starbucks / Cafe Nero / insert name of other over priced coffee house what do you want?”   Mmmmmmm  all of it please.

“Have a good weekend?”  Um…. yes thanks

“Can you just grab that off the photocopier for me?”  Er… we haven’t got a photocopier.

Working from home means that no two days are ever the same and, therefore, I dont have a routine.  I cannot plan a day as I don’t know what will happen.    That includes lunch.  I generally get to 3pm and think “what’s for dinner” and then realise I have missed lunch.

I don’t commute and grab a pastry at Waterloo.   I don’t go to Pret at lunchtime.  Or to the local cafe with colleagues.  Or to the pub after work on a Friday.

So a few months ago I decided I would start a ritual of my very own.

Twice a week I walk to our local Marks and Spencer for a meal deal sandwich.   I didnt really think anything of this until Marks and Spencer tweeted this week asking us if we would be having one of their lunches.  It felt odd saying “I will be but I work from home”.   That is mad, isnt it?  Shouldn’t I be making my own?  Or having beans on toast?

Why?  Why can’t I spend a few Pounds on a nice lunch a couple of times a week?  Most people I know that commute into London do that everyday AND have a pricey coffee for breakfast.

So thank you Marks and Spencer.  Thank you for your fabulous lunches.

And thanks for a great Twitter feed.  I am home all day on Saturday as Mr B is at the cup final, as an avid Man City supporter, he had to be there.

Will I be home all day cooking something for him from one of my hundred cookery books?

Nope, I will be off to Marks and Spencer for their announced today “Dine in for £10”.

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