World Gin Day 2017

World Gin Day 2017 is here!


What a week.

What a sodding week.    And it is not getting any better is it?  I have a bit of a “no politics” rule at home because we are all often on opposite sides of debates and I just can’t stand the arguing, though it isnt proper arguing it is just healthy debate.   I tend to walk away when it starts though and go and find a quiet space.    But I have found myself this morning getting really angry on social media about the events of the past 48 hours.  It is no longer about Corbyn or May but it is now all about the DUP, a party I have zero affiliation with.  But this post isn’t about that, because I could go on for hours and I am already feeling like I want to emigrate or hide under a rock.

This post is about World Gin Day.  WHICH IS TODAY!!   Woohoo.   And I thought it would be the ideal opportunity to share with you a gin related round up type post.

Did you see this week I reorganised my gin collection?  It is now a gin nook.   Gin Corner?   Gin En-suite?  My bottles (yes plural, I make no apologies) have been stacked on a couple of trunks, with the bottles we are currently drinking in my gin tray, and the empties to the side but it was cluttered and, let’s face it, messy.   So I mentioned in passing that I was thinking of getting a shelving unit to sort them out, and within two hours we were in Ikea buying a Billy Bookcase.  You only have to hint at wanting to go to Ikea in this house and it happens instantly.

Two hours later and Jonnie had built my shelves and the new gin collection was sorted.

What do you think?

Slightly terrifying seeing it all lined up like that isn’t it?

The top shelf are my souvenirs from weekends or trips away, from left to right:  Hunters Cheshire Gin from our weekend in Wilmslow recently, Hibernation Gin not strictly from a weekend away but from Wales, and recently voted the best by the Independent, Barmon’s from our week in France earlier this year, Gunpowder from Bruce’s trip to Dublin, Salcombe as a present from the lovely David at the Firepod who knows the area well, Lubuski from Poland (that has the aroma of abandoned caravan about it), Dingle is another Irish one, London gin from Fortnums after a weekend in London, and my French Gordon’s.

It was this last one that further cemented why I spend years thinking I didn’t like gin.  I don’t like tonic so hated G&T but then also I have discovered I don’t like Gordon’s.  It is just too synthetic for me.  It actually just tastes of alcohol.

The next shelf are some other favourites and then we have the miniatures I had in December when The Gin Parlour helped me do Ginmas.

The bottom shelf are the current ones we are drinking.   Oh and the baskets contain small tonics.

Spiral cellars are so last year, don’t you think?   Gin shelves, that’s where it’s at.  That is what all the cool kids will be talking about wanting when they go into estate agents later this year.  “I want a double garage and space for my gin shelves”.

Just me then?

(my gin collection has grown and grown over the past few years, if you want to see what it looks like now, here is my A to Z of gin post

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