World Photo Day

Sunflowers at Chawton House Library

Is today.  World Photo Day, whatever that means.   I suppose I should look it up really.

I haven’t had much time to get my thoughts down into blogs recently but I haven’t stopped taking photos.  In fact I am taking more photos than ever and trying harder to think about the composition of them and not just rely on editing them.  Though thank the lord for editing.   I am also trying to ditch my phone as my main way of capturing pictures.

On my trip to Jordan the lovely Rosie who I travelled with told me I should only use a camera.  Not only do you get better pictures but you can then save them and categorise and find them afterwards, much more easily.  She is not wrong.  When I go to on my icloud account there are over 3000 pictures so trying to find the one I want takes forever!

I am reviewing a camera at the moment ( a Canon 1300D) which has the capability of allowing you to view the pictures you have taken, on your phone or tablet.   A function I love as it means I can still take photos with the camera but then sharing them on Instagram is so much easier.  My phone remaining in my pocket until I get home, minimising the urge for me to “just take a quick pic to share”.

So on World Photo Day I am sharing some pics I have taken recently.  In no particular order but just that I have taken over the past month or two that I really like and thought I would share.

Beehives always make me smile as they make me think of my inlaws and the bees they used to keep:

Beehives at Chawton House Library

Ditto sunflowers.  I am slightly addicted to photographing them.

Sunflowers at Chawton House Library

And these little beauties, taken in the walled garden at Chawton House Library, home of Jane Austen’s brother (more on this house next week).


Hard to believe this garden was only planted earlier this year!

A walk through the walled garden at Chawton House Library

Who can resist photographing roses growing against a wall?  The rose garden at Chawton House Library is walled and whilst they have gone slightly past their best the blooms are still beautiful.

The Rose Garden at Chawton House Library

I couldn’t resist trying to be arty in the church with these.

And coming home and emptying all the jam jars to start doing the same thing up the stairs.

Chawton Church

This pic below has no editing (none of these pics do other than being cropped slightly).   These really were the colours on the day.  How blue is that sky?  How yellow is that flower?!

Sunflowers at Jane Austen's House

If you have’t been to this little house in Chawton you should.  The perfect place for a wander on a summer’s day.

Jane Austen's House Museum


Pink Flowers


Beautiful White flowers

Minley Manor is old MOD land that has now been sold off but is accessible in places to the public.  (Google the Manor, it is stunning).   Mr B and I went for a wander last Saturday afternoon, just to get out for an hour with our cameras as we hadn’t been there before.   Just look at that sky!

Minley Manor

And finally my new desktop photo on my new ipad (I know, how spoilt?  Birthday present from the three amigos).  Just Mr B wandering off into a field to get a better shot

Minley Manor woods

Whatever you are doing today, or this weekend, I hope it is a fun one and that you manage to dodge the autumnal weather that seems to have arrived!

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