Why you need Amazon Prime in your life

Why you need Amazon Prime

For just under £80 a year Amazon Prime could save your life.  Not in a CPR kind a way, obviously, but in a day to day stress relieving way.    That by paying that one off membership you get so much more.  And save yourself a whole ton of other one off delivery charges from other companies.

Amazon Prime Now

You know that feeling when you realise you have no food in the house and you have to make something for dinner but you really don’t have the energy to go outside?  It would mean taking off the onesie and putting on some proper clothes and you can’t be bothered?  Well I knew that feeling very well a few days ago.  We had literally nothing in and I was shattered, under a blanket, enjoying my new hot water bottle and another episode of the The Fall (god how gorgeous is Gillian Anderson?!) when E muttered the words “what is for lunch, I am hungry”.

Oh god.



“Very funny.  Seriously, what is for lunch?”

Longer ummmmmm

Then I remembered that there is more to Amazon Prime than DVDs and books.  Prime Now delivers a whole load of essentials, and I have to say some of them are pretty random.  But, deliver they will, and within an hour or two.   Literally without moving off the sofa I had done a pretty comprehensive food shop to include curry sauces, pasta, bread, cheese, poppadoms and even a bottle of wine (for me, not her obviously).   With delivery set for a two hour window.   Genius.   Lunch sorted.  And dinner.

And delivery is free as part of my Prime membership and  I don’t have to pay for parking either.

Or get dressed.

Prime Video

This has been a revelation to me.  I wrote before about how it can help with keeping the family amused, and how great it is to be able to download content to watch off line but did you know just how much original content there is on there?  Not just old stuff from the BBC or ITV, but incredible stuff only available on Amazon.

Like Good Girls Revolt, set in a newsroom in 1969 it follows a group of female news researchers who ask to be treated fairly.   A real reminder of things used to be for women in the work place and how far we have come in 40 years.  Great acting and brilliant story lines.

The Collection  is set in a post war fashion house in Paris.   Two brothers head a family but don’t necessarily get on.    I have introduced my costume designing mother in law to this one, and she adored it.

I have always loved crime dramas so Bosch ticked all the boxes for me.  Based on a series of books by Michael Connelly it follows an LAPD homicide cop who is trying to solve a crime whilst standing trial for murdering a serial killer.

Anything with James Brolin in it gets my vote so Life in Pieces had a lot to live up to.  It follows a slightly bonkers family and tells four stories each week.  A concept that works brilliantly.  I have loved every one of these.

I could go on.

Dash Buttons

We were amongst the first to sign up and buy a whole load of these a few months ago.  I loved them so much I wrote about them here:  Genius or most stupid thing ever.   They sounded ridiculous (and even started out life as an April Fool’s joke) but once you think about it they make perfect sense.   And like Prime Now above have really helped us keep organised.  Saving us money because buying in bulk with Amazon can be more cost effective than supermarkets, and time having to go out just to buy dog food at 8pm when somebody used the last pouch at 9am and didnt tell anybody.  This way can press the button at any time when we are getting low and they arrive the next day.   More genius.


There are some big boys in the music streaming field so it might have been easy to overlook the ability to be able to do this via Amazon Prime Music.  Which would be a shame as there are over two million songs to listen to, as well as curated play lists for every setting.  Music can be downloaded and then played anywhere, at any time.  By upgrading to Amazon Music Unlimited (and paying an additional fee) the possibilities really do become endless as music can be streamed and there are forty million songs to choose from!

Amazon Prime is fast becoming my go to solution for pretty much everything.  I am finding myself using supermarkets for anything other than fresh food these days.    For less than the cost of a bottle of wine a month it saves me hassle, time, and money.

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  • Great post!

    There was never a truer word said. Amazon Prime is an absolute life saver and is the most convenient way of shopping there is. My wife and I just had twins and time is the rarest of rarities. We could not live without it.

    • Thanks James. There’s me just using because I am too disorganised or lazy, but you two with twins definitely NEED it in your lives! What did we do without it?!