10 Home Makeover Tips for Decorating and Selling 

10 Home Makeover Tips for Decorating and Selling 

When preparing your home for a sale, you want to know where to spend your money and where you can hold back. Even when the markets are at their very best, it doesn’t just take putting up a House for Sale sign and vacuuming the living room. Home staging, the process of using interior design to stage your house, makes it easier for buyers to imagine living in your home. Have everything intentionally laid out to create an illusion. Here are a few tips that’ll help you make your house more appealing to potential buyers to increase the chances of a quick sale.


Clutter can be very distractive for a potential buyer. Start by removing all paraphernalia you haven’t used in the last year and consider donating it. Then clean up storage spaces, wardrobes, cabinets, and counters. Put away personalized items like photos, extra cutlery, and clothes.

Rationed Remodeling

A hanging cardboard door or missing doorknob or broken drawer handle can significantly devalue your home. Spruce up your property in an inexpensive yet functional way.

Sprout New Life

Decluttering by removing most personal items and photos may give the impression that no-one is living in the property. Adding flowers or plant life that’s newly sprouting generates the illusion of birthing life, creating your home as the beginning of new things.

Choose Neutral Colors

The colour on your walls will be an instant determinant of whether the rest of the space is worth viewing. Remove all bold paint and busy wallpaper and freshen up the walls with inviting shades as described on Spruce. As people have different tastes and preferences, you want to retain neutral colors instead of mistakenly putting people off. Light wall colors are perfect for rooms that have little natural light. Neutral wall colors also allow one to envision painting the walls in their preferred hues.

Clean Up Immaculately

Conduct a thorough clean once you’ve decided to put your house on the market and consider involving a professional cleaning company to eliminate those stubborn stains too. A professional cleaner may eliminate the need to replace items, opting for inexpensive repair instead. Remember, first impressions will either make or break you a selling deal. From curb appeal to interior cleanliness, you do not want your buyers distracted by dirt. You want the place as organized as possible

Review Your Lighting

Unappealing lighting can make even the most stylish room seem dull. Well-thought-out lighting can transform your space and determine one’s mood. Cooler lighting emulates daylight and can invigorate you, while warm lighting reflects coziness and winding down. Avoid fluorescent lighting; it takes away the room’s personality and may remind people of clinical setups. Let your lighting consist of layers having the main centerpiece in a room with complimenting lamps to add depth.

Don’t Over Decorate

Décor reflects character and style. Your personalized interior décor style may not be suitable for your potential buyers, and you ought to steer clear of limiting their imagination. Decorate your home with simple objects, leaving enough space to allow your buyer picture decorating the house in their style and preference.

Neighbourhood Context

Suppose your house is in a neighborhood with similar units. In that case, you may want to keep off remodeling your home to avoid additional expenses. Any renovations made should fit the neighborhood context instead of making your property stand out from the rest uniquely. For significant remodeling, most buyers will prefer not to take up an incomplete project, so either go all the way or not at all.


Begin accessorizing from the external impression. Blooming flowers in the entryway are inviting. Adding on some throw pillows or a blanket on the sofa could add that homely touch or a clean, welcoming doormat at the doorstep. However, when you choose to accessorize, factor in the weather seasons and be appropriate.

Scent It Up

Lighting up scented candles can stimulate positive feelings and are an easy way to spread the scent throughout the house, creating a sophisticated feel. Smell has power over our emotions and mood. You may want to keep it simple with scents like vanilla or cinnamon, avoiding complicated scents that may confuse or distract the viewer

In Summary

Once you’ve implemented these tips and your house is now ready to be sold, you want the sale process to be as quick and stress-free as possible. To get a cash offer and ease the process of selling your house without an agent, WeBuyAnyHome gives you an easy 5-step process that simplifies the otherwise-taxing, time-consuming transaction.

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