Sanitizing and Disinfecting Your Business During the Pandemic

Sanitizing and Disinfecting Your Business During the Pandemic

The Corona pandemic got many businesses by surprise forcing some to ask their employees to work from home. Some businesses though do not have this luxury and need their staff on their premises for business to run. If you own such a business you are now faced with the problem of running a safe workspace protecting both employees and customers from the risk of exposure to the virus. Following the authority given guidelines and mandates on opening businesses can prove helpful. Below we discuss how you can sanitize and disinfect your business during this pandemic.

Develop a Plan

Developing a plan is very essential in the fight to reduce exposure to the virus. The kind of business you run will greatly determine the sanitizing and disinfecting program you chose. For a business that experiences a large flow of people, the sanitization and disinfection will be more regular than one that has low traffic.

Furthermore, you have to evaluate your premises to determine the kind of surface and objects that make up the area. Frequently touched surfaces like doorknobs, counters, and switches will need further sanitizing and disinfecting. Unnecessary things like sitting rugs could be moved to avoid contact.

A flexible sanitization and disinfecting timetable need to be adopted in guidelines to authority given mandate.

What needs to be sanitized and disinfected

There are different ways to sanitize different objects and materials. For example, a less touched surface needs only cleaning, objects that children are likely to touch should only be cleaned and not disinfected since most disinfectants are toxic. Questions such as the ones mentioned below could help you figure out your cleaning routine:

Is the area it outdoors?

The use of disinfectants outdoors has proven wasteful. Proper hygiene and cleaning practices are enough to reduce the risk of exposure to the public in outdoor spaces. Only the target areas like railings need to be effectively disinfected.

How long ago was the premises last used?

Normal routine cleaning with the use of soap is efficient for a premise that has not been used for a week. This is because the virus is not known to survive that long.

What is to be cleaned?

You need to figure out the kind of materials, surface and items that are going to be disinfected, whether they are hard and non-porous surfaces or they are items like plastic and glass. This will determine the kind of disinfectant that you will use.

Soft porous materials like carpets and rugs are harder to disinfect. Follow authority given guidelines on how to disinfect such material. For the less touched material, clean or launder as per manufacturer given directions. Use the warmest accepted water. It is important for the people doing the disinfection to be dressed in persona protective equipment.

Some of the most touched places would include; tables, faucets, handles, lift buttons, railings, doorknobs, keyboards, toilets, countertops, and light switches.

Plan Implementation

With the knowledge of what is be sanitized or disinfected you can now take action. Be sure to follow all manufacturers’ guidelines on the use of disinfectants. Also, put on your personal protective equipment.

Start by cleaning all visible dirty surfaces with soap and water. Use disinfectant recommended by the Health and safety Executive afterwards appropriately. Remember to launder your soft porous materials.

Follow Up

Routine disinfecting and sanitization are needed as per the kind of traffic your business receives. All other rules given by public health England like all people wearing masks, sanitizing or washing of hands before accessing a premise and social distancing must be adhered to reduce exposure to the virus.

Our E-Clean Pro Disinfecting Service

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