18 alternatives to Wordle you didn’t know you needed

If you are as addicted to Worldle as the next person and can’t wait 24 hours for your next fix here are 18 alternatives to Wordle you didn’t know you needed. Click on the headings to be taken to each of their websites. And thank me later.


Guess the name of the song within one second


This is a bit temperamental if you are on wifi, you might need to switch to 4G. You have to guess the fact in five tries. Top fives (today’s are countries by GDP) but others have been things such as highest earnings athletes or weight of fruit and vegetables produced.


You have to guess the country, an incorrect answer will show you how far away you are.


Similar to Globle, you have to guess the country from the shape of it but this one will tell you how far away you in miles if you guess incorrectly. Be prepared to get angry though when it comes up with places you have never heard of and would struggle to call a country


This is not suitable for youngsters! You have to guess the rude word in fewer than five guesses


This feels like showing off to me! Four Wordles in one go, and you only get nine attempts to crack the lot.


And if that isn’t enough, how about doing 8 of them. Honestly some people are just massive over achievers!


Honestly I don’t even understand the rules of this one.


Or this one, except I do know the equation has to equal 48


Guess the primary number


Call yourself a Swifty? This one is for you.


This is more like it. Guess the single letter!


In a word, evil. Guess two words at the same time but you can only do them one at a time.

Wordle unlimited 

Can’t wait 24 hours for the next Wordle? Play as many times as you like on this one.


Think you know the Tour de France? All of these answers are the surnames of cyclists.


An LGBT+ version of Wordle


Nope, I have no idea.


May the force be with you. Yep, all things Star Wars for this one.

Let me know if you have any other alternatives to Wordle to keep us from twiddling our thumbs!

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  • Byrdle… Music based 6 letter version! It’s really tough.. composers, Latin terms, theory terms… I do ok but could do better!