Christmas 2020 Gift Guide for Children

This guide features some items that have been sent to include in this guide.


Is there a child that hasn’t got through their teething stage without Bickiepegs?   There certainly can’t be many! The range has expanded over recently years and now includes more than just the traditional teething finger biscuits.  There is a finger toothbrush/gum massager and a really cute teether called Peggie the Penguin.  They would all make brilliant stocking fillers, and cost just a few Pounds each.

Love Leggings

Sent us these lovely leggings for Lily.  They are a really thick (unlike a lot of leggings that seem to go see through as soon as you put them on!) and wash brilliantly.  Love Leggings do leggings for adults too, for those of us who are curvier, and pregnancy styles too.  Plus there is also a Black Friday event running at the moment that gives you 25% off.

Bert Smells!

This is a really sweet book, by P A Weasle (who may or may not be a pseudonym), with illustrations by Suzanne Cole about a little dog called Bert.  Bert is a real dog who was adopted from an animal rescue centre in North London, and this story tells of a typical day for Bert, who smells and at the same time smells things.  Its the perfect bedtime story.  Available from Amazon.


Tomy is another company that keep coming up with more and more products every year and we have found ourselves with an overflowing toy basket featuring their Lamaze range!  This Speed and Stunt Playset was sent to us and is for aged for 3+ so we are going to keep it for Lily for a year or two when I know her Uncle Jonnie will love playing with it with her (if his childhood love of everything with wheels is anything to go by).

Give Ricky an extra burst of speed with the super launcher, transform the track and try for a longer super dash, or transform again and do a super jump through the hoop! Just like at the Adventure Park in Wheelford, kids can help Ricky practice these stunts to perfection. They’ll also be able to earn Speed & Stunt badges as they play by hitting the target after a launch, dash or jump. Hit the target to see the badge pop out! Ricky comes with two rescue accessories that help keep him extra stable as he performs the stunts. His front wheels also feature articulated movements that let them steer left and right wherever you point them.

I can’t wait!

Santa, me and the Covid Christmas Crisis

This book is written by clever and talented friend Fi Star-Stone and is written in a dyslexia friendly font.  It is written in a diary format by Eliza who is 10 and a half and has had her Christmas bubble burst.  A terrible lie has been told at school, possibly the worst lie, the lie that says Santa doesnt exist.  I mean, really, why would anyone say that?!  This is another lovely book for bedtime and mentioning the current Covid situation means it is the perfect book for this Christmas.

Featured image made using a garland photo from Shutterstock

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