3 Mother’s Day trending gift ideas for 2021 — AD

Mother’s day 2021 is almost here and after a grim 12 months, mothers all over deserve a little appreciation and cheering up. Even as news of sequential restrictions being lifted has been released, it’s still going to be a while before everything is back to normal so you might not be able to spend much time with your dear mother.

That doesn’t mean mother’s day should be cancelled though, and it is perfectly OK to gift your mother with something special this year. Should you wish to forego the usual chocolates and flowers, there are some unique gift ideas that you could consider.

Some trending gift ideas include:

  • Gin
  • Baby Yoda
  • Faceted figurines

Alcoholic drinks, especially nicely wrapped or limited editions are a great gift for mums while Baby Yoda has taken the world by storm and for a more delicate yet beautiful gift, faceted figurines are a special gift for collectors.

A Crafted Experience

Surprise, surprise we are talking about gin. Gin has enjoyed a massively successful boost in sales over the last few years thanks to fancy boutiques and celebrity chefs partaking in England’s original tipple. A core part of the Beverage Industry, gin accounts for £1.4 billion of sales in the UK and is made from juniper berries which gives it a unique and delicate flavour that lends itself well to additional flavouring.

Because of this, many manufacturers have been experimenting with gin combinations with such flavourings as blood orange, ginger, prosecco and peach and rose. The delicate flavours that can be paired with gin make it an excellent gift for ladies who prefer softer notes to their drinks, similar to cocktails.

Little Guy with Big Powers

A few years ago you might have had to look hard to find a woman who was into Star Wars but just like superheroes, new movies and other media have opened up this cinematic universe to those who otherwise would not have indulged. Star Wars is known for its cute and strange characters from aliens and robots to exobiology but there are some stand out creations from recent Star Wars movies and shows.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi introduced the severely adorable Porgs, but the Disney+ show The Mandalorian has one super cute character that women, and indeed men all over, have fallen in love with. Grogu, also known as Baby Yoda because he is of the same species, is a little green alien with supercute large ears and is strong with The Force. Following Order 66, Grogu was forced into hiding as the Jedi fled the Empire, but as the Empire has since fallen, Grogu is set to return to his Jedi training. 

Crystal Collections

Collectors all over the world love faceted figurines made from crystal and other expensive materials. The great thing about these is that many faceting companies such as Swarovski create amazing sculptures of popular characters including Disney’s Cinderella, Snow White or Mickey Mouse and more contemporary icons such as Batman and Superman.

For the mother or collector who enjoys shiny and expensive things, you can’t really go wrong with faceted products. Apart from TV or movie heroes, faceting jewellers also offer such things as, well, jewellery but also pens, handbags and even mobile phone cases. A large collection of wildlife figurines such as dolphins and parrots etc. are also available from many faceting companies, just be careful when handling them as they are extremely delicate.

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