50 Shades of Twitter Competition

There seem to be “50 Shades of….. ” cropping up everywhere this summer so I thought I would do my own:

A list of 50 places from where I have tweeted but one location is bogus.  Which one?  Get it right and you could win a prize.

  1. In bed.  Regularly.   First thing in the morning, last thing at night:  “Is it time to get up already?”
  2. In the library “Just got my World Book Night books #excited”
  3. Near Snowdon “Wow, there is snow up there!!”
  4. Reading Festival “Mud, mud, mud and more sodding mud”
  5. The Mulberry store “I am stroking a Bayswater”
  6. In the gym “I feel sick”
  7. In the Royal Albert Hall “Coooooooool for Cats”
  8. Various race courses “COME ON……… YES….. That’ll do #Pockets£50
  9. The Ivy “This glass lift is so amazing”
  10. In a caravan “This is so cool!  Sitting here in a campsite watching the FA Cup”
  11. From a TV Studio “I can’t believe we are actually doing this”
  12. In a classroom “These little chairs are killing me”
  13. On the London Eye “oooh look the roof of St Thomas’s”
  14. In the bath.  This very morning in fact.  “Need tea”
  15. In the kitchen.   ALL the time.  “I appear to have left the sticker on the red pepper”
  16. In the car.  Alot.  “Is it International Drive Like An Idiot Day?”
  17. At work.  Well…. dur…… “Need tea”
  18. In front of the TV.   “What on earth is that she has just served #ComeDineWithMe”
  19. On the beach.  “Bloody hell it is hot”
  20. On a boat.  “FISH”.
  21. At Petrus “Where is Gordon?  Is he here?”
  22. From the theatre  “The ACTUAL GRUFFALO is on stage”
  23. In a field in the rain “God sports day is dull”
  24. On a train  “Just getting into Waterloo, see you in 20 mins.  I have 26 pots of Play Doh”
  25. Beside the Thames “ooh look there is Boris Johnson and Prince Andrew”
  26. On a plane.  “I want to drive one of those little luggage trucks”
  27. In a meeting.  “Hell this is dull”
  28. In the cinema.  “Oh my god, Breaking Dawn is SO awful”.
  29. In a restaurant “Sir Geoff Hurst is eating chips on the next table
  30. On a rollercoaster “I think I am going to be sick”
  31. Whilst picking up dog poo “Just hit myself in the face with a full poo bag”
  32. From the loo.   “I am in the loo of this place, it is SO posh.  Shall I nick the soap?
  33. Out shopping  “I have no idea what to buy for tea”
  34. At Land’s End “So if you start swimming from here where do you end up?”
  35. In a swimming pool “Can I get a sun tan under water?”
  36. At Fleet Pond “Ducks!!! NO CHEEKY”
  37. At a petrol station “I hope he brings back some sweets”
  38. During a live radio broadcast in our lounge “KT Tunstall just arrived #Faints”
  39. In a taxi “Can’t believe we are spending this much on getting home”
  40. In Groucho’s “You will never guess who I just got a kiss from.  My life is complete”
  41. In the hot tub  “If I drop this I am dead”
  42. In a prison “Got to put my phone in a locker now.  Can’t take with me #FlatLining”
  43. In the garden “I really should get out here more often”
  44. Private Member’s Dining Room of Houses of Parliament “Wow”
  45. At Laduree “I just spent a three figure number on macarons.  Mr B will kill me”
  46. On a golf course  “I really don’t get the attraction of this game”
  47. In the Eden Project  “It is so hot in here I think I might die”
  48. At Heston’s Little Chef “They play music when you go in the loos!!!!”
  49. On a river “The Eiffel Tower looks so priddddy at night” 
  50. In a prison cell “This is so strange”



  • Please comment below with which location you think is NOT somewhere I have Tweeted from.
  • You must be a subscriber to enter so please subscribe if you are not already!
  • If you know me this is not that difficult.
  • I will randomly select one winner from all correct entries
  • The Closing date 4th August at midday
  • Winner will receive “something from my desk” (typically something I have been sent to review or a gift card for Sainsburys)
  • My decision is final.



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