Cravendale – Home To A Cuppa

I have loved Cravendale ever since they did that advertising campaign about the cows wanting the milk back.  Wasnt so sure about “cats with opposing thumbs”  as they just freaked me out a little bit. (can you be a little bit freaked out?  Is that like being a “little bit pregnant”?)

And being such a huge fan of tea when I saw a linky challenge on Britmums (sponsored by Cravendale) for a chance to win a year’s supply of milk….. well I couldn’t ignore that.  Not for nothing do all my friends call me T (and we will gloss over the fact that my first married name was Brewin so for 10 years I was T Brewin)

The idea is that we blog about our pre holiday check list.   Well mine is epic.   So epic that I actually blogged about it earlier this month before we came on holiday and even then it didnt tell the whole story:  Going on holiday

Having now been on holiday for a couple of weeks I have abbreviated this list as follows

Check that all travel documents are valid and correct.

Remind Mr B that we are going away and could he possibly please start doing stuff

Actually poke Mr B and shove ENORMOUS to do list under his nose and beg for help.

Virtually tip entire wardrobe into suitcase and declare “I am ready”.

Expect kids to do same.

Nip round and tell neighbours you are away so they can keep an eye on things

Decide on “travelling outfit”.   Comfy yet smart enough that I might blag an upgrade

Assure  myself that 8 pairs of shoes and 46 pairs of pants is fine for two weeks away.

Leave a carton of Cravendale milk in the fridge.  It stays fresh for 21 days!!!

Escape the house at some ungodly hour to get to Gatwick for ridiculously early flight.

And there you have it.  How to get ready Mummy B stylee.   Actually the only really important one IS milk in the fridge and bread in the freezer.   That stupidly early flight means the return is over night with an arrival at home at 8am.   The first thing I NEED is a decent cuppa.

And then to start planning the next escape.

Stick with Cravendale and you really cannot go wrong I reckon


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  • Our neighbours are both getting on a bit. Their combined ages exceed 194 and they are big fans/consumers of Cravendale. Both active and both bright; E is an expert on garden plants while J tackles crosswords and sudoku puzzles!

    Must be something sprayed on the grass that they eat. That’s the cows, not the neighbours!