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6 Ideas to Spruce up Your Holiday Home


Finally and perhaps thankfully to some, the worst of the winter period is past and with Spring a month away, it will soon be coming to a close. So now would be the perfect time to start planning a few ways you could spruce up your holiday home. Whether it’s for you and your family to have a little something extra to look forward to on your next trip, or to add more appeal to potential renters or buyers, there is every reason to tidy it up a little every now and then.  Here are six smart and inexpensive ideas to get you started on dressing up your part-time property.

Get Inspired

Interior designers are much less expensive than they are generally considered, as long as you shop around and find the right package for you, some services can start from as little as £50 per room. For such little cost it can be a great way to get a professional perspective on how to best use your space. They can provide you with inspiration and even help you create a list for shopping to get you started.

Simple but Effective Choices

Even without an interior designer there are simple things to think about and look for when buying to redecorate. Decide a theme before you look at what furnishings to buy, to give it a focused approach that best suits the style of your house. Aim to work what furnishings you do have into this theme where possible, perhaps buying new coverings and cushion sets instead of entire new suites. Make the most of space and try to keep storage neat to keep clutter to a minimum and ensure there’s enough space for guests’ luggage.

Light It Up

Another thing that should be well-thought-out in your interior theme and choices, is lighting. Try to maximise the amount of natural light that you can bring in the room with shutters or blinds. This will help the house appear more spacious and can really transform a room. Outdoor lighting can make those summer nights even more brilliant helping you make the most of your garden and outdoor spaces.

A Little Paint Goes a Long Way

Dolling up doors and window frames with a fresh coat of paint is a simple way to add beauty to the facades of your house. You could also paint your potted plants or window boxes to add to the effect and depth of the colour scheme.

Outdoor Furniture

If you have a nice outdoor space but no furnishings, investing in some is a great way to make the most of it. Giving old furniture a new coat of paint or varnish can go a long way also, particularly if you are buying second hand. Adding a new set of cushions and an umbrella that fits your houses colour scheme will add to the beauty.

Get Gardening

Ensuring your garden is flowering and that its lawns and other areas are well kept really is the bow on the package, making sure your holiday home is attractive, both inside and out. If you don’t have the time or tolerance for gardening you can always hire a gardener to keep it maintained or to help you with a makeover. Making sure your gardens ready to be enjoyed in those holiday months.

The most important thing to keep in mind when trying to enhance your holiday home is to make sure it can be enjoyed to its full potential. Spruce it up to help take full advantage of the time you spend there and enhance the memories you make.

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