Fancy rebooting your life?

Have you ever fancied rebooting your life?  If you are anything like me you do it about four hundred times a day.  Sometimes it is something small you want to change like finding a way for you to not have to empty the dishwasher for the third time.  Sometimes it is something huge like dumping 48 years of emotional baggage and running off in a floaty white dress like the pretty girls on Instagram do on a regular basis.

Then the kettle finishes boiling and you are back in the here and now and all the above thoughts get put on the back burner.

This feeling is often heightened in January when everybody is making New Year’s Resolutions, something I don’t do because I just feel I am setting myself up to fail.  January is a ridiculous time to give up chocolate when the house is still full of it (yard of Jaffa Cakes anyone?); ditto giving up alcohol when you have been given six bottles of it for Christmas; see also giving up cake / mince pies / biscuits.   How can you ever be expected to succeed when surrounded by all this recently acquired temptation?

You can’t.

So the Chinese with their new year in February might just be on to something.   New Year in February is genius.   You have had January to make use of all the restaurant deals designed to lure us in, have scoffed the Jaffa Cakes, and necked a good portion of the gin.   The holiday adverts are on the telly and you start thinking about maybe getting fitter / thinner / more tanned ahead of a summer holiday.   Or maybe you start thinking that you want to change how you react to situations.   How you  can be a happier “you”, rather than the “new year / new you” that we get fed.    You don’t want to be a new you, you want to be a happier version of you.

But, again, it feels like a massive task.

So step forward the Life Reboot Camp from Sophie Le Brozec.    Sophie emailed me a while ago and asked me what I thought and if I wanted to help her promote it online.  I can honestly say having read this bit of blurb it took me fifteen seconds to reply with a “hell yes”

  • thought you’d be somewhere else by now
  • feel permanently tired and like this hamster wheel won’t ever stop turning
  • might be having a midlife crisis, or not, but something’s not quite right
  • find yourself googling far flung destinations or crazy jobs
  • are a bit fed up with your day-to-day and are wondering if this is it
  • sometimes get jealous and envious when you scroll through Facebook and Instagram
  • could happily eBay your kids and your other half most days
  • would give a kidney to do what YOU want to do for a change
  • sometimes wonder what people see in you (from a love, work or friendship point of view)
  • hit the snooze button a little bit too hard each morning
  • have dreams but don’t act on them
  • catch yourself wishing there was something more

Seriously so many of those points above could have been written by me.  In fact it was “so me” I sat and read it several times because I thought it was just me and that nobody else could possibly be thinking like this.

Well Sophie knows that plenty of us feel like this so has designed a course to help us all get out of that mindset.

It’s called “Life Reboot Camp” and it caters to women  (especially us mums) who feel unfulfilled in our lives, a lack of contentment, jealousy when we scroll through social media and see other people’s photos and lives.   Most of us are in our forties and frustrated with where we are at in life.   We might be  bitter and feel like life is so much better and easier for everyone else.  Or we may also be looking for balance in our life, feeling a bit like we are having a mid-life crisis or  at a crossroads.   It is a bit of all of these for me.

I have all sorts of crap from my past I am dragging around, that I have never processed, and I know that has a bearing on how I deal with situations now.  I also have feelings of “why do I always have so much to do / why do I never get any down time / I just want to lie in bed for a week” on a regular basis.

All things that the Reboot Camp will address over  6 weeks in the 6 module course.

They are (in this order – one module per week):

1) YOU (self-esteem, self-confidence, sense of worth, body confidence)

2) Woo-Woo (decluttering, forgiveness, gratitude, law of attraction, journalling, tapping, mindset)

3) Relationships and friendships (dealing with toxic ones)

4) Parenting

5) Work/Career

6) Decision-making and facing fears (moving / changing countries)

The course content can be done whenever and wherever as it is available online and offline and can be a mixture of video / audio / text, it is entirely up to you.  You can mix and match or do them all.

Sophie launches tomorrow (February 20th) with a special introductory offer.  That means that if you sign up between then and Sunday 25th February you get the course for a discounted price of $197, a saving of $300.

If you think that sounds like you then why not sign up in the next couple of days and make use of the discounted price.    Especially as, and get this, Sophie is offering a 100% money back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied at the end of the six weeks modules.

How good is that?

I have to declare an interest here and say that I am an affiliate for the course as Sophie has asked me talk about this on my social channels, so if you sign up I do get a commission but I hope you also know that I wouldn’t be promoting something I didn’t believe in.

All the info you need is here: Life Reboot Camp

And if you have any questions, I know Sophie will only be too happy to answer them.  Or you can drop me a message and I will find out for you.

Personally, I can’t wait to get started.

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  • Thank you so much for your lovely words T – I cannot wait to have you onboard and know it will be life-changing for you (in all the best possible ways!). For those who don’t know me – I’ve bought and done, and created and run, my fair share of online programmes which is why I offer the full refund once you’ve finished the course, and is why everything can be done in 5-10 minute bite-size chunks (or binged on like your favourite Netflix series). And it’s also why you can do everything online and offline, because how the hell can you work on it poolside while your little one is having swimming lessons otherwise?!? I’m ridiculously excited about this and am happy to answer any questions you might have.
    Sophie xx

  • Gorgeous idea! Secretly loving that one of the sections is called Woo Woo! I have a friend who calls something else that! 😉 LOVE what Sophie is doing. I recently completed my NLP Practitioner course and am contemplating going for the full Life Coach, so I’m ALL into this. Love it. To be the best version of ourselves we can possibly be -that’s what we’re all secretly wanting! Go Sophie x

    • Hi lovely! I don’t know what you mean about other things called woo woo 😉 That is so cool that you have done the NLP practitioner course, it was an NLP practitioner in 2007 who started me on this path at an event I went to. Actually, that makes me think, I’ve got an idea for you Katy, I’m going to drop you a line on Instagram now… xx

  • Hi T and Sophie. I’m intrigued but I’m not sure how it would work for me. I’m not a mother and I’m no longer able to have children and I don’t work., nor have I been able to for the last 18 months. I have a number of physical and mental health issues that affect my whole life. I’m also not in a relationship and I’ve been single for over 8 years now because of my health. I have a number of consultants and MH therapists working with me but nothing that’s holistic nor looking at a gestalt level for an overview. I’ve worked previously with an nlp practioner but it didn’t really work as my thoughts/behaviours are entwined with my MH. So, what I’m looking for is some indication that some of those sessions will work for me?

    • Hi Carmen, those are all really good points and I will drop Sophie and email and ask her to come back and reply to you, or drop you an email if that is okay

      • Hi Carmen,

        These are great questions to ask, as with everyone there will be modules and sections that apply less to you than others, and you can pick and choose which bits you work on and when.

        The module on relationships is actually a module about all relationships – romantic ones, but also friendships, relationships with family members and with colleagues. About half of that module refers to romantic relationships and the other half to all other types of relationships.

        The module on Work & Career could also be called “what I want to do with my life”, it’s just that’s not a very catchy name! So this is more about what your hopes and dreams are, what you do in the everyday, whether it makes you happy and what you’d like to be doing.

        I think that the first module all about YOU will help you enormously, and if you are open to it the second module on woo-woo too.

        Because I want people to feel 100% comfortable when they sign up there is a full refund guarantee available to you throughout the course, right up to and including the end of the programme. You would be more than welcome to try it, and if you find it doesn’t work for you, to request a full refund.

        I would be absolutely delighted to discuss any of this with you further, please don’t hesitate to drop me a line at

        Sophie xx

  • I have to admit that so many of those statements apply to me too. The course does sound really interesting and I agree that starting the new year in any time but January sounds good too.

    • Nikki–January is the absolute worst time of year to start the New Year! Give me a shout if you’ve got any questions about the course, I’d love to have you on-board.
      Sophie xx

  • Oh my goodness this sounds like exactly what I need!

    I’m struggling with life in general at the moment as I have so much on at the moment and I feel like I’m juggling a hundred things.

    Thanks for sharing x

    • Hi Cass,

      I’d love to have you on-board as I’m passionate about helping women just like you (and T) to get more out of life. Plus everything is created so it can be digested in bite-size chunks of 5-10 minutes as you are all busy women! The introductory offer runs until Sunday end of the day. If you have any questions do drop me a line –

      Sophie xx