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7 things to look for when selling your home

Selling your home can be a tricky business. Let’s face it sometimes it’s hard to see the faults in your own property.  Or to work out what you need to do or change to make it more appealing to prospective buyers. After all, trends change. One-minute wallpaper is back in fashion, the next it’s all about the flooring.

So, you need to put yourself in the shoes of your prospective buyers. What are they looking for in a property? Is layout more critical than decor? What are the big turn-offs? Or, what’s popular right now — parquet flooring, wood burners, patterned wallpaper. 

Now, you might not have the time or budget to renovate your entire home before you put it on the market. But, to help you get ready, here’s a list of the top 7 things buyers look for when deciding whether to purchase or not. 

1. Furnishings and decor 

Stick to neutral shades (no bright red walls please). Focus on areas with the most wear and tear if you don’t have much time. You’ll be amazed at how a fresh lick of paint can revitalise a room. Also, home staging is a big thing right now. And, it’s the little touches like buying new towels for the bathroom and new bedding that can make the difference. Also, add cushions and throws to bedrooms and couches to create a homely welcoming feel. 

2. Clutter and mess 

Properties full of stuff and mess feel dark and dirty and are a big turn-off for buyers. More than just ‘tidying’ up, de-cluttering involves removing all the excess in your home. As well as the usual suspects (magazines and take-away menus) this can include furniture, shoes, kitchen ware, books, toys. You should aim to remove at least 70% of stuff. You can throw away what you no longer need, recycle of giveaway to charity or put things in storage your choice. It can be a big job, so make sure you make a plan beforehand and get friends and family to help. 

3. Show off the Garden 

Whether it’s large or small, having a garden will help you sell your property faster. So, it’s worthwhile giving it a quick spruce-up. Mow the lawn and cut back any weed overgrowth. Keep garden boundaries clear. Add extra touches like coloured plant pots, outside fairly lights and seating if there’s enough space. 

4.  Sparkly windows

Buyers like to look out windows — they might want to take a peek at the potential new neighbourhood or take a look at the neighbour’s gardens. This means you need to make sure your windows are sparkly clean both inside and out. Remove bulky curtains too and any obstructing furniture — this will make the area around the windows more accessible for buyers to reach.

5. De-personalize 

To help prospective buyers better visualise themselves living in your property, remove all personal items. Not only family photographs, but also large paintings, holiday trinkets, kids’ posters and even clothes from the closet. Of course, use your judgement, as you don’t want to remove all the character from your home. But rather, leave enough of yourself that it feels welcoming and not too much like a cold showroom. 

6. Fix the little things 

Broken light switches, creaky doors, windows jammed shut — these are the sort of things that put buyers off. It shows neglect or lack of care. If you haven’t bothered to fix the little things, what about the big things? So, change light bulbs, oil door hinges, remove any traces of mould, paint over stains and replace tired sealant. 

7. Exteriors 

 It’s easy to become so focussed on what your home looks like inside, you totally forget about the outside. But, first impressions count as does kerb appeal. Clean-up your driveway and front garden. Remove rubbish bags and any clutter that’s been dumped. Wash your front door (no-one wants to press a cobweb-ridden doorbell). 

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