It is finally time to plan our new bathroom — AD

It is finally time to plan our new bathroom

With the sale of granny’s bungalow after she passed away last year, comes an inheritance that means we can finally do all the things to our house we have been promising ourselves we would do if we ever have the money.   If we can get somebody passed the offer stage on the bungalow and get it to completion, that money will arrive and we can get cracking.

Since we moved into this house 14 years ago we have been saying that we will rip out the bathroom.  It was brand new when we moved in, should be a purchaser’s dream, a new bathroom.   Not in this house.  Floor to ceiling white tiles (looks like an operating theatre) and a two person Jacuzzi bath.  The latter is lovely in principle but with a combination boiler you can only get two inches of hot water into it before it goes to room temperature.  And have you ever tried to relax in a two person bath on your own?  It is impossible.

Nope, the whole thing has to go.  Though how we are going to get that bath physically out of the house and down the stairs remains to be seen.

We also have various painting and re-carpeting jobs on the list but number one on the list is the bathroom, and this is my Wishlist.

A free standing Victorian bath.

Because who doesn’t want a free standing bath in their new bathroom?  I adore them.   I think they look so relaxing and make a point of having a relaxing soak whenever I find one in a hotel room.  I don’t take baths at home (see above) so cannot wait until I can climb into one at home.

Oh and just an FYI to bathroom designers, please can you position baths so they don’t face the loo?  I get a real bee in my bonnet about this as I hate lying back to relax and being able to see the loo.   So many bathrooms seem to get this wrong!

Bathroom Storage

We have a grotty alcove that used to be a window apparently (our house was extended by the previous owner/developers) but has never really been finished properly.  I would love to have some glass shelves in it, with lights behind and a whole load of pretty apothecary jars.  Some empty for effect (that I will curse every time I dust them) and some that will have pretty bath salts in, or a single flower stem.    Because our bathroom has felt so clinical for so many years I really want it to feel homely and pretty.

Which means I also want to have storage for big white bath towels too.  We don’t have an airing cupboard so all our towels are in the spare bedroom on shelves.  Not very helpful if we have friends to stay and they are asleep when somebody needs to use the bathroom and doesn’t have a towel.   So I would like to have a pretty wooden cupboard filled with all our towels.  I will go full Marie Kondo on it.

Separate Shower

Currently we only have a shower attachment over said huge bath, and there is nothing to attach it to, and now shower curtain.  So the kids (who use the bathroom, Mr B and I have an en suite) moan on a regular basis about not being able to have a proper shower.  The room is certainly big enough for a free standing shower so I don’t know why the previous owners didn’t put a separate one in.

When we get the bathroom done the shower situation is the one thing the kids want us to put right.   Oh and to do something about the pressure of the water because right now it is dire in there.   If we get a Salamander pump from Pump Sales Direct we could have the pressure boosted enough to have a proper rain water shower of dreams.    Not just the handheld trickle that is the current daily battle.   It does mean that showers are short affairs though, there might be screams of “will you PLEASE hurry up” as people hog the bathroom more but, hey, we can live with that.


Would it be rude of me to call the estate agent and to beg them to get the place sold so we can get started on this?

All photos courtesy of Unsplash

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