A Christmas meme



It has been a while since I was tagged in a meme and asked to answer some questions so it was lovely to see my name on Jayne’s blog post about Christmas.

So here goes:

What is your favourite thing about Christmas?

Got to be not working and spending time with the family.   The children are off work and school, Mr B is home, we stock up the fridge and shut the door.   Family come down and we just do nothing but what we all want to.  With food.  And booze.

What is your favourite make up look for the season?

Not still wearing last night’s the following morning is a bonus.   I don’t generally worry too much about my make up

Real or fake tree

If the children are here for Christmas (they alternate with Christmas at their dad’s) then we have a real one.  Otherwise we have a fake one with lights already strung on it.

Giving or receiving presents

Giving definitely.   I spend a lot of time trying to find the right presents for everybody and try to make sure that nobody has just one but a small pile of them.    All in their own Christmassy bag under the tree.   It is all about giving those presents and hoping I have got it right.   Never about receiving them for me.

Do you open your presents in the morning or the evening

Morning.  As soon as we get up and dressed.   Champagne and presents before breakfast

What is your favourite Christmas Film

ET.   Doesnt matter how many times I see it I still have to watch it when it is on.   I remember seeing it the first time and it wasn’t Christmas then so I don’t know why it is now so linked to Christmas.

What is your favourite Christmas Food

Trifle.  Remind me one day to tell  you my trifle story.


So those are mine.  Now over to you:

Lady Briggs


Super Amazing Mum



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  • I’d dying to know your triffle story!

    I have awarded you the ‘Very Inspiring Blog’ award – more details over at mine 🙂

  • *mental note to self ‘TRIFLE question’ Friday night* 😉
    Thanks for tagging me, no really, thanks *sips sarcastic tea*

  • Oh I’m definitely one for staying in and eating and drinking.Trifle hadn’t even crossed my mind this year.Must amend that.

  • thanks for the tag my lovely lovely! What is your trifle story I wonder?????