What to buy for the person who has everything

I have spent a fair amount of time sorting out Christmas.  Organising various food deliveries, tidying the spare bedroom, buying presents for teachers, friends, grown ups, teenagers and the dog.   And I have decided that people fall into one of four categories:

  • They give you a list.   In the case of my children when they were small the list also  had Argos Catalogue numbers on it.
  • You know exactly what to buy and where to get it
  • You come across something and shout “yes, that.  That is perfect”.
  • Or you shout “what to buy for the person who has everything” and you trawl the internet whilst scratching your head

I got an email last night from a friend who will remain nameless but let’s just call her Annie for the sake of this post.   Annie had come across a product that she had declared “is perfect for the person who has everything, such as Mummy Barrow”.

The email just contained a link to said product.   So on my phone I quickly opened up the link.  Eager to see what on earth could have caused Annie to email me at 9.30pm with such a declaration.

A giant Martini glass?

A never ending supply of chocolate?

Unlimited cake?

James Nesbitt?

Nope.  None of those.

Ladies and gentlemen I give you:

shit glitter


Yes.  Really.

There is nothing further to say.  I am speechless.   Just so many questions.  Why?  Who?  How?  WHAT?

And now I have to write about this thing.  And I have to put tags for search engines and I am not sure I want people putting those two words into Google and finding this blog.

I had a lovely post planned today all about Christmas trees.  With a picture of our tree.  I wrote it earlier this week when I was planning a whole week of Christmassy posts.  It has pictures of our pretty lights and home made baubles and glitter.





And I think my head is going to implode.

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