A weekend in Towcester

The third of our “visit all the -cester towns in England” (click the link to see the other places we have been) saw us spending the weekend in Towcester. It feels really mean to say that you dont need a whole weekend in Towcester, a morning will do it but there is a reason why people generally say ‘oh are you are off to Silverstone?” when you mention you are going there. Wikipedia is scant and even Google was reluctant to give us any information on what to do there beyond leave it and visit the canal museum in nearby Stoke Bruerne or do a tour at Silverstone. Still we are a mission to tick off these towns so booked an AirBnB and headed off for the weekend

There is no denying that Towcester is old. There is evidence of the Romans having been here, right in the town centre. So we can highly recommend wandering to the end of the High Street to find the steps you can climb in order to see what remains of the forum. There is also evidence of an amphitheatre, though it is now covered in grass it is still possible to see the shape of what was the centre of Lactodurum as the town was once called.

We can also recommend wandering into the Towcester Mill where you can pick up some locally made beers or gin. They also have a bar so you can sit and have a drink.

On Sunday we drove to the Canal Museum in Stoke Bruerne and found out more of the history of the town in the 1800s and how the canal was built, and how those in the town lived. The museum is free to enter and has a small cafe and shop too. Though it is on several floors and has a narrow staircase that isnt suitable for those who are less mobile.

I am sorry I cant be more gushing about this town, or recommend it be a specific place to visit and apologies if you live here. Its pretty enough but definitely overshadowed by more well known places nearby.

Still at least we have now ticked it off the cester list

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