Visiting all the -cester towns in England

Did you know that there are only seven towns or cities in England that end in -cester? And if you ever find yourself saying “what are the towns that end in Cester?” I can tell you that in alphabetical order they are Alcester, Bicester, Cirencester, Gloucester, Leicester, Towcester, and Worcester.

You are welcome.

This isn’t why we ended up in Worcester in the middle of January but whilst having dinner in the town we did ask ourselves how many other towns ended in -cester and decided to set ourselves the challenge of visiting them all.

Not though before we came up with the CESTER scale







So buckle up as we start touring round all the -cester villages and towns. And then make a start on the hams and burys





Image of Gloucester Cathedral courtesy of Annie Spratt on Unsplash

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  • If you fancy a tour of Kent/Sussex, try the hursts – there are quite a lot of them (I don’t know if they exist in other counties)